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Outriders Should Steal a Mechanic From Warframe

Author : hillgang
Publish Date : 2021-03-26 12:36:25
Outriders Should Steal a Mechanic From Warframe

With the Outriders demo giving players a quick glimpse of some of the early gameplay, some players are starting to finally get an idea of what games it most resembles. However, while many have been quick to proclaim People Can Fly's new title the next Destiny killer, it might do better by looking to similar titles like Warframe for both comparisons and potential new features.

One feature from Warframe that Outriders should adapt is the ability to hatch and tame pets that can accompany the player and help fight during missions. Considering the collection of strange, alien animals on Enoch, there are plenty of creatures to choose from to tame, some of which would be neat to have as a companion, and others that would be a bit over-the-top but still fun.

From very early on, Warframe has had multiple companions available, starting with the Sentinel robots that could act as a flying turret or to gather material. Since launch, however, developer Digital Extremes has added new companions in the forms of Kavats, Kubrows, and MOAs that each bring their own twist to combat. Some of these take a while to pick up, with the capability to hatch and raise Kubrows in particular being locked behind a mid-game quest that could take a while to become available to new players.

For pet fans, the promise of unlocking the Kubrows and Kavats in particular can be a huge draw to keep playing through the early hours of the game and into its deeper levels. Then there are the addition of Warframe's mods and breed options that adds a similar level of depth found in the Tenno customization into making these companions unique to each player. Many of these additions were added in later versions of the game and the current evolution of them could be a jumping off point for how Outriders can attempt a similar concept.

There are a few different alien creatures in Outriders, even if the current look players have with the demo only shows off a handful in cutscenes and a single fight in the prologue. From some early trailers, players can see what the game refers to as "Space Cows", giant spiders, and monkey-like creatures, all of which could make for excellent additions to the player arsenal. Of course, there are some creatures that might be fun to have tag alongside the player, but could go a bit too far on the side of outlandish, even for a game that intentionally doesn't take itself too seriously.

The giant Storm Carriers, for one, could be an interesting option as well, but maybe as a shrunk down version rather than having the towering beasts following the player around the world. In the case of some of the beasts found throughout Enoch, there is already a trophy system for mounting fallen enemies onto the players' convoy, so fans can already sort of carry them around. That being said, letting captured or tamed monsters join the player in the fight could have a huge impact on keeping solo players invested in Outriders' endgame content.


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