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Outriders: How to Complete "Pour One Out For An Old Friend" Accolade

Author : chesnutkimiko206
Publish Date : 2021-04-19 19:15:00
Outriders: How to Complete "Pour One Out For An Old Friend" Accolade

Outriders has in-game trophies known as Accolades. These Accolades track different feats in different categories. Some of these feats are class-specific while others are tied to progression. One of these Accolades titled “Twoje Zdrowie” asks players to “Pour one out for an old friend." This Accolade can be completed after finishing the main campaign in Outriders.

Accolades can award players with cosmetic items such as new Banners, Emotes, and Convoy Customization items. The Twoje Zdrowie Accolade to pour one out for an old friend will award players with a Legendary Convoy Customization Pattern for their truck.
To pour one out for a friend, Outriders players need to travel to Rift Town after completing the main campaign story. Upon arrival, players will have a new side quest in front of them titled “Pour One Out." Approach the door and start the quest. Enter Jakub’s room and take the bottle of Vodka, return to Channa and travel to Utargak to visit Jakub one last time.
When arriving at Utargak, take a right and head towards Jakub’s Grave to share his bottle of Vodka with him and Channa. This will complete the side quest. From here, Outriders players only need to claim the Accolade from their menu to complete the Twoje Zdrowie Accolade, pouring one out for an old friend, Jakub.

The Pour One Out side quest is also required for a Trophy/Achievement for completing all side quests in Outriders, making this simple quest lucrative for many Outriders players. While paying respects to Jakub, players can reminisce on their experience through the game and wrap their heads around its complicated ending with Monroy and the Pax.

There are many other Accolades that players can work towards that will award players different things. Completing all the class-related Accolades for a single class is required for a Trophy/Achievement in Outriders. Other Accolades are surrounding the Monster Hunts, Bounty Quests, and Historian missions in Outriders that players can complete while farming for Legendary gear.

Outriders players that are completionists will surely want to complete this Accolade on their way to 100% completion of the game. For players who are not completionists, this side quest still plays a strong role in the ending of the Outriders story, giving characters some closure on the events that have occurred while preparing for the road onward, collecting Drop Pods, and improving the state of humanity on Enoch.

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