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Outriders Exploit Lets Players Reroll Legendary Reward

- By caramelkuls
Publish Date : 2021-04-21 08:19:27
Outriders Exploit Lets Players Reroll Legendary Reward

Outriders has a lot of Legendary gear that gives players access to Tier 3 mods, while some even come with unique set bonuses. Much of the endgame in Outriders is heavily focused on min-maxing a character’s build with the effective use of mods and build synergy. A recent exploit makes it possible for players to re-roll and target their Legendary rewards to either fill out their Tier 3 mod collection or hunt a specific Legendary for the Set Bonus or build.

While many players grind towards World Tier 15 or the endgame Challenge Tier 15 in Outriders, they will certainly need to make efficient use of their gear and mod slots. Farming the Monster Hunts, Wanted Bounties, and Historian Missions is a great way to earn Legendary rewards quickly. This new exploit allows players to use this same Legendary farm, but re-roll their Legendary rewards at the end.

This exploit works with the current Outriders Monster Hunts Legendary farm method, but alters how players claim their Legendary reward. Outriders players will complete their Monster Hunt farm like normal, upon returning to Noah to turn in the 10 hunts, players simply turn in 9 hunts and claim their rewards. Backing out of Noah’s menu before turning in the last hunt and swapping an equipped item piece forces the game to autosave the player’s progress.

When players are ready to turn in the last hunt in and claim their Legendary reward, they turn in the hunt and skip the cutscene of the monster heads on the wall, leaving players in Noah’s menu. From here, players will want to enter Noah’s shop by selecting “What are you selling?” Players shouldn't restart the hunt quest or exit the menu.

In Noah’s shop, players can tab over to the “Sell” tab. In the Sell tab, players can see what Legendary gear piece they were awarded for completing Noah’s Monster Hunts. Players can then decide if they want to keep their Legendary or try for something different. Players who want to keep their Legendary simply need to exit Noah’s shop.

The players who want to re-roll their Outriders Legendary gear piece for a different mod need to force close the game while in Noah’s shop. This allows the player to prevent the game from saving the awarded Legendary and allow them a chance at something different. Exiting Noah’s shop will autosave the game, locking in the awarded Legendary.

After restarting Outriders, if done correctly, players will load into the game with one hunt to turn in. Immediately enter Noah’s shop and check the Sell tab to see what the Legendary gear piece re-rolled into. Players can repeat this process until they find an Outriders mod that is missing from their collection, or until they find the gear piece they are hunting for.

This method also works for Ujio’s Wanted Bounties, but it requires another player to inform the first player of their Legendary weapon, and it only works on the first time that a character completes the quest, making this a much more difficult and limited option that is not recommended.

Outriders has dealt with a similar Legendary exploit around Noah’s hunts in the past, choosing not to punish players who performed the exploit. This could mean that Outriders may not punish players who perform this exploit, but that cannot be guaranteed until People Can Fly or Square Enix acknowledge the exploit and detail their approach to the matter.


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