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Outriders Demo Update Addresses Inventory Wipe Bug

Author : haveyamons
Publish Date : 2021-03-20 10:57:19
Outriders Demo Update Addresses Inventory Wipe Bug

People Can Fly's latest venture, Outriders, has been a big talking point for the industry over the last month, with the co-operative shooter's demo getting a lot of players invested in its full release. Interest in the game has only spiked following the announcement that Game Pass subscribers will be able to access Outriders for no additional cost at launch, making the service an even more lucrative deal.

The latest news for the game comes from its most recent update, which targets and largely nullifies a widely reported bug that wipes players' inventories. A soft fix for the issue was allegedly implemented on Monday, with Square Enix claiming in a Reddit post that today's patch provides an "extra safeguard" for the issue.

The fix has come to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, with Square telling users that it's fairly sure the new patch should eradicate the problem. Those still struggling with the bug are advised to contact support to receive additional advice, with the company specifically advising those with wiped accolades to come forward, as that's still a problem it's actively working to resolve.

As for those wondering whether they'll have their wiped inventory returned to them, it seems Square has both good and bad news. On the positive side, the team can restore Outriders legendary loot, meaning players' best items should be returned to them safe and sound. However, the team won't be restoring anything below legendary status, meaning all the other loot accumulated is gone for good.

The team claims that everyone's restored loot will return on a specific day, although there's no official date just yet. It will happen prior to the full launch of Outriders though, which will be hitting shelves on April 1. Alongside the restoration, it seems several other fixes will be implemented prior to launch, including adjusting touchpad sensitivity, adding further optimizations to multiplayer connections, and patching some underlying issues still hindering players.

Outside of the update, the game definitely seems to have piqued players' interest, especially with the announcement that Outriders is coming to Xbox Game Pass on console. The demo will lead into the full experience in just over a week's time, with those who get stuck into the preview now being able to carry across their progress when transferring over into the main game. However, those intending to get a headstart should be warned that there's no crossplay just yet, meaning all progress earned in the demo can only be accessed if they remain on the same console.

Earlier this month, Outriders developer People Can Fly responded to criticisms and concerns about issues during the launch of the Outriders demo. The developer detailed a target wish list for Outriders demo and full launch changes and pledged to start rolling out fixes within a week or so. Today People Can Fly followed up on that promise, releasing some platforms specific fixes mentioned previously and providing an update on future patches. This round of patches specifically targets issues in the Outriders demo for PC, PS4, and PS5.

This update comes a few days after People Can Fly released a new trailer for Outriders giving players some background to understand the augmented warriors fighting on Enoch. That same day, the developers responded to the Outriders demo's positive reception and encouraged players that the Outriders experience would only get better when the full game launches. But until April 1, People Can fly has some work to do to address the most common complaints in the demo.


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