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Original God of War Director Discusses That Minigame

- By hikanlins
Publish Date : 2021-02-22 14:02:18
Original God of War Director Discusses That Minigame

God of War series has come a long way since its initial release back in 2005. While the original game is still regarded as one of the greatest action games of all time, it has seen its fair of share controversies. One of the most prominent ones includes the iconic mini-game at the beginning. While 2018's God of War removed this controversial feature, fans have often wondered whether such inclusion was necessary or it was there just as a fan service. Thankfully, the game's director David Jaffe has finally revealed the real reason behind such an addition.

The original God of War trilogy saw a relatively younger Kratos searching for vengeance as he slaughtered Greek Gods sequentially. Kratos, at the time, had a domineering personality, in contrast to the introspective, more diligent one that's presented in 2018's God of War. As such, Kratos was even accused of being a misogynist in the early games.

The game's original director, however, claims it is not the case. In his quest to clear dilemmas regarding Kratos' nature and the overall theme of the God of War,  Jaffe took to his YouTube to answer one of the most asked questions. On being asked as to why he included that sex mini-game in the first title, he said it was "to keep him from dealing with his nightmares and stuff." Jaffe added more context to that inclusion, saying that alcohol and women allowed Kratos to "numb himself" from the pain and sorrow that had enveloped him.

He further went on to reveal how he knew that most people would find the mini-game quite hilarious and "wouldn't get it," but despite that, he wanted to add it, as "it was cool for the story." Jaffe also clarified how he has no problem with people believing otherwise. It's also important to note that indulging in the mini-game rewarded Kratos with orbs that could power up his Blades of Chaos and other weapons.

Sony Santa Monica studio is currently hard at work on God of War Ragnarok that launches in 2021.  With the latter focusing on a more mature Kratos whose responsibility now lies towards his son Atreus, it remains unlikely that such a mini-game makes its way to this upcoming next entry. With Cory Barlog returning as the Director, it's likely that this iconic feature won't be making a return. However, it remains to be seen whether God of War Ragnork would borrow other elements from the original trilogy or head towards an entirely different direction.

The turn for the God of War series arrived in the last game, which steered the setting away from the Greek world to the Nordic realms. And yet, there were many characters that didn’t have a definitive conclusion, while certain others had such a deep connection to Kratos that their story can still be expanded.

To this end, the next game can bring back many Greek Gods that have already been featured. These were seen in the original series, with some having been killed off by Kratos while others went absent inexplicably with no explanation. Regardless, all of them can play a crucial role in potential storylines in the sequel.


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