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Nintendo Reveals New Blue Switch Lite Color

Author : selenastars
Publish Date : 2021-04-14 13:15:11
Nintendo Reveals New Blue Switch Lite Color

Nintendo has a long history of releasing color variants of its various consoles, especially when it comes to its handhelds. The Nintendo DS and 3DS had all kinds of different looks, and the same is true for the handheld-only version of the Switch, the Switch Lite. Nintendo has released a variety of different Switch Lite colors since introducing the console, and now it's revealed yet another version.

Nintendo has revealed a blue Nintendo Switch Lite, set to launch on May 21 for $199.99. Nintendo made the announcement on its various social media channels, and fans seem to have reacted positively to the new color so far. Nintendo is launching this new Switch Lite color alongside the Miitopia Switch port, so those in the market for a Switch may be tempted to pick up the new Switch Lite alongside the game.

Those who want to make sure they have a Nintendo Switch this year will definitely want to consider investing in one sooner rather than later, whether it's the blue Switch Lite or something else. The semiconductor shortage that the world is currently dealing with means that Nintendo Switch consoles are going to be harder to find later this year, and so it would be better to get ahead of the curve if possible.

Then again, some may be holding off on getting a Switch now thanks to reports that an upgraded version of the console is on the way. Reliable sources have leaked the existence of a Nintendo Switch Pro console, which will reportedly offer 4K resolution in docked mode and other bells and whistles when compared to the original Switch. Nintendo has yet to actually acknowledge the Switch Pro, or whatever it ends up being called, but the console's reveal is really a matter of "when" and not "if" at this point.

Those who miss out on getting a Nintendo Switch Pro shouldn't worry about missing out on the biggest upcoming Nintendo games. Reports indicate that the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Pro will have a nearly identical library of games, though they will run better on the upgraded version of the console. There are some reports that there will be a few Nintendo Switch Pro exclusive games, especially from third-party developers, but those should be few and far between.

It will be interesting to see if the semiconductor shortage has an impact on the Nintendo Switch Pro's release date. As it stands, the console is expected to release later this year, but perhaps it will get pushed to 2022 instead. Time will tell.

It's no great surprise that the rise in prevalence of slow-starting games coincides so neatly with the demise of the printed instruction manual. Where once a player was free to choose whether to read up on a game first or just dive right head first, they're now often subjected to long-winded tutorial sections that can really dampen the excitement that goes hand in hand with starting a new game.

While there are certainly plenty of examples of well-paced tutorials, these can still be problematic when it comes to replaying a game after completion. On the other hand, some games opt to forego the tutorial section all together, which doesn't always work out too well either due to how complex some modern games can be. Despite these issues, however, there are many great games that manage to overcome their slow beginnings, particularly on the Nintendo Switch.


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