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Nier Replicant: Lighthouse Lady Choice Guide

- By Dainafermin876
Publish Date : 2021-04-27 22:04:27
Nier Replicant: Lighthouse Lady Choice Guide

One of the most emotionally charged side quests that Nier Replicant players have the opportunity to complete is the Lighthouse Lady questline. Unlike most side quests in Nier Replicant, the Lighthouse Lady questline consists of multiple parts and must be completed in the proper order to experience the story's conclusion.

To start the questline, players must accept the side quest "The Postman's Request" from Devola in the village tavern. Players must then travel to the Seafront and speak to the postman who asks that the player deliver a letter to the old lady who lives in the lighthouse.
The letters the old lady is receiving is said to be from her lover who is stationed abroad in a foreign land and attempting to return home to be reunited with her. After delivering the letter, players will receive 1000 gold, and can now start the second part of the questline.
Head back to the village tavern and accept the quest "The Lighthouse Lady's Wrath" from Devola. This quest will once again task players with returning to the Seafront to speak with the Postman.

After arriving at the Post office, the postman will explain that the old lady wants to abandon her post at the lighthouse so that she can travel to reunite with her lover. The player is then tasked by the postman with attempting to convince the old lady to stay at the lighthouse.
Players must then travel to the lighthouse and speak with the old lady who reveals that she is dying of the black scrawl and her last wish is to see her lover one final time. Return to the postman and confront him about the old lady's request.
At this point, the postman reveals that the old lady's lover died several years ago and that the townspeople banded together to perpetuate the lie that he was still alive by continuing to write her letters under his name. Players must then go to the back of the post office and collect a stack of letters that the old lady has written that were never delivered.
Players are now faced with the choice of revealing to the lady that her lover died long ago, or perpetuate the lie of the townsfolk. It is worth noting that regardless of what option players select during this segment the rewards for the quest will not change, and it will have no impact on what ending players receive in the game.

If players choose to perpetuate the lie, the old lady will be overjoyed that she has received another letter and asks you to thank the postman. If players opt to tell her the truth, she informs the player that she had suspicions that this was the case, but asks the player not to inform the townspeople that she was aware of the deception as they worked so hard to make her happy.
After players have made their choice, they can accept the final part of the questline from Devola titled "Closure." Players must return to the Seafront and speak with the postman one final time. After arriving at the post office, the postman informs the player that the lighthouse lady has passed away.
He tells the player that when they found the body she appeared happy, which led him to believe that the player did not reveal the true nature of the letters. Players can then select whether they revealed the fate of her lover or perpetuated the lie. However, the choice does not make any difference.


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