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Nier Replicant Getting Automata Costume DLC

Author : Wirescaner
Publish Date : 2021-04-14 10:04:58
Nier Replicant Getting Automata Costume DLC

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 comes out next week after months of anticipation. While this highly anticipated re-release has already gone gold, some exciting surprises still remain ahead of the game's launch. Specifically, some previously unseen DLC leaked, revealing brand new costumes will become available soon.

This leak comes from an early Microsoft Store listing, which reveals crossover content with the highly successful NieR Automata. With this, four new costumes and four new weapons will become available in its predecessor as well.

The Microsoft Store page shows off a 9S costume for the protagonist and a 2B costume for Kaine. The DLC pack is titled '4 YoRHa' and will release on April 23rd, alongside the release of NieR Replicant itself. Best of all, the update is seemingly free, not requiring any additional purchase beyond simply owning the game.

Cutscenes will not display these costumes, understandably, making the additions solely aesthetic. Even if these costumes are exclusive to gameplay, they still look as stylish and iconic as ever. While the weapons have not yet been shown off, 2B and 9S's default swords, Virtuous Contract and Cruel Oath respectively, are safe bets to be included.

The NieR series has truly come a long way since the original 2010 release of Replicant, possibly being in a better spot now than it ever was before. Between the imminent release of Replicant, the Japanese rollout of mobile game Reincarnation, and the Steam version of Automata finally getting an update, fans of the series have so much to look forward to. Yoko Taro's series of dark, exciting, and philosophical action RPGs certainly has a bright future ahead.

With more people staying home than ever, RPGs have captured the attention of millions of players around the world like never before. Players can dive deep into new worlds and fill the shoes of charismatic and powerful characters. With that said, 2021 has a lot in store for fans of the genre that may have flown under their radar.

The World Ends With You is a cult classic originally on the Nintendo DS released in 2007. The game was praised for its combat which used both DS screens in a way few games had tried before. It's also known for its classic Square Enix story telling which is confusing, yet satisfying to watch unfold.

Persona 5 Scramble is another sequel to a successful Japanese RPG. The game was released in Japan last year and is set to hit shelves in the rest of the world this February. The game's combat takes a turn away from classic Persona turn based battles, and heads in the direction of a hack and slash game.

On top of the new combat, palace exploration, dynamic scene changes, and new characters are also on the menu of new features coming to Persona 5 Scramble. Even though the game plays so differently, it's still a direct sequel to the original Persona 5, and not a remaster like Persona 5 Royal. The game received high praise in Japan and western fans can't wait to see how the new story all unfolds.


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