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Newegg Now Accepts Dogecoin As Payment

Author : mallmeans
Publish Date : 2021-04-21 11:33:01
Newegg Now Accepts Dogecoin As Payment

Newegg, one of the largest online retailers for PC parts, has always tried to stay on the cutting edge of technology. As a result, Newegg shoppers will now be able to pay for their PC parts using Dogecoin.

Back in 2014 Newegg became the first major online retailer to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, and as the mining of cryptocurrencies has continued to rise in popularity, it has seen the opportunity to become one of the very first to accept Dogecoin as a payment method. While Dogecoin first started as more of a joke cryptocurrency based on the popular "doge" meme, it has proved to have real staying power to become the fifth-largest cryptocurrency.

Newegg made the announcement in a press release on its website yesterday, saying that the announcement was part of the website celebrating "Doge Day." In the release, Newegg senior brand manager Andrew Choi attributes the decision to this year's 8,000% increase in value for Dogecoin showing a high level of interest in the cryptocurrency. Choi says this led Newegg to want to ensure that its customers would be able to pay on the website in whichever way is preferable for them and that the company wants to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for its shoppers.

In fact, the press release describes just how easy it now is to pay with Dogecoin on the website. The process is as simple as shoppers hitting "edit" by the payment section of the checkout page, where they can select BitPay. From there, shoppers can complete the purchase using Dogecoin in their digital wallets. While Newegg has not announced accepting any other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin, the announcement is a big move towards Dogecoin becoming even more invested in and widely accepted, especially as multiple GPU manufacturers like AMD are starting to develop cards specifically made for cryptomining.

The announcement is definitely a bit of a surprise, but it is surely welcome news for Dogecoin's steadily growing base of supporters. It will be interesting to see whether or not Newegg begins accepting some of the other more popular Cryptocurrencies out there, or if Dogecoin being more widely accepted will help it to continue its meteoric appreciation in value. The news comes shortly after patents published by Sony and Nvidia have been revealed to have a lot of potential to shape the games industry's future, and it will be interesting to see just how popular cryptocurrencies will factor into the future industry.

The annual class competition of Destiny 2, Guardian Games, has returned for 2021 and players will need to get involved in all the activities to earn enough medals if they want their class to take home the win. Players have until May 11 to hand in medals, after which Season 14 will begin.

Guardian Games remains mostly the same this year except Bungie has made a few tweaks to the scoring system to ensure the competition is much tighter than last year. Plenty of new Eververse cosmetics from armor, shaders, emotes, finishers, and ships are also available for Destiny 2 players to grab.


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