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New Posable Pokemon Plushes Go Up For Pre-Order

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Publish Date : 2021-03-20 10:17:01
New Posable Pokemon Plushes Go Up For Pre-Order

With a franchise as big as Pokemon, there's quite a lot that can be done merchandise-wise with its many unique characters, environments, items, and of course, the Pokemon themselves. Just last month, The Pokemon Company announced a massive Gigantamax Meowth plush that essentially acts as a 6 ft. long pillow, following a Gengar plush that allows fans to sleep on its incredibly long tongue which was revealed the month prior.

While Pokemon like Pikachu or Eevee always seem to get the spotlight when it comes to merchandise, it looks like The Pokemon Company has been branching out a bit lately. And even though it has clearly been getting quite creative in the Pokemon plush department, it seems to be taking a more flexible approach with the second installment of a brand new line of posable plushes featuring monsters from a variety of generations.

A couple of weeks ago, The Pokemon Company announced new additions to its "Pokemon Posing" line of plushes, which already included Pokemon like Machamp, Gallade, and Corviknight. Now, fans can pre-order the line's second installment of fully posable Pokemon plushes which adds Scizor, Cofagrigus, Cinderace, Toxtricity in its Amped Form, and Obstagoon to the collection.

The first wave of Pokemon Posing plushes was announced late last October, bringing fans an all-new kind of Pokemon plush. This line of stuffed monsters seems to focus on fully-evolved Pokemon with more humanoid shapes and long limbs, save for Corviknight, allowing for fans to bend them in a variety of action poses. Pre-orders for the new wave of posing plushes opened up just yesterday, and fans will be happy to hear that these new plushes aren't limited to Japanese fans, but will ship world-wide from Amazon.co.jp starting on March 27. Depending on the Pokemon chosen, the plushes will range from about 14cm to 25cm tall, and each one will cost ¥1,760, or about $16 USD.

Recently, more obscure Pokemon have been getting attention in the merchandise department, especially in terms of plushes, like the Pokemon "Sitting Cuties" line, which lets fans choose from smaller, sitting version of their favorite monsters from the original 151 up to the Hoenn region, which is currently being rolled out. The Pokemon Company also seems to be taking its plushes quite seriously, as it recently issued a deep apology for an incorrect color on the Magnemite Sitting Cuties plush, offering fans an exchange.

As Pokemon celebrates its 25th anniversary, fans have had a lot of activities, in-game and virtual events, and announcements to look forward to, including the reveal of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as well as Pokemon Legends: Arceus. And even though Pokemon Day has come and gone, it looks like celebrations are sure to continue throughout 2021.

Late last month, Pokemon celebrated its 25th anniversary, and in turn, revealed loads of information on upcoming games to fans during a Pokemon Presents video livestream. While the presentation featured games like New Pokemon Snap, fans were arguably more excited to hear about the long-awaited Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes. However, a mysterious surprise title in Pokemon Legends: Arceus was also revealed, taking the series into an entirely new open-world action RPG direction.


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