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New Pokemon Snap Twitter Emoji Available Now

- By edanriver
Publish Date : 2021-04-13 11:49:29
New Pokemon Snap Twitter Emoji Available Now

While the Pokemon franchise has seen an incredible amount of spinoffs throughout its 25-year lifespan, many longtime fans regard Pokemon Snap as one of the most unique and memorable. Fans were more than excited to hear that 22 years later, the Nintendo 64 classic would receive a sequel in New Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo Switch, adding new features, environments, and of course, new Pokemon.

Fans first learned about New Pokemon Snap last summer during a Pokemon Presents livestream, where fans also learned about Pokemon Smile, Pokemon Cafe Mix, and the upcoming MOBA game Pokemon Unite. While fans were hoping for news on the next mainline Pokemon games at the time, New Pokemon Snap stole the show for fans both old and new. Now, fans can celebrate the game's upcoming release on Twitter with a special emoji.

Over on Twitter, the official Nintendo of America account announced that a special New Pokemon Snap Twitter emoji is now active. The emoji can be used and viewed on the mobile and desktop versions of the social media platform, and features Meganium, which seems to be one of the staple promotional monsters of this game. Fans can tweet with either #NewPokemonSnap or #PokemonSnap to see the emoji in action.

As New Pokemon Snap's April 30th release date rapidly approaches, excitement seems to be higher than ever among fans. Nintendo has also been pulling out all the stops when promoting the game as well, even recently revealing that the Legendary Pokemon Lugia would be included in the game's roster of Pokemon in a new Japanese TV commercial. While the original Pokemon Snap game only featured 63 of the existing 151 Pokemon at the time, fans are happy to see monsters from all generations included in the sequel, with well over 200 Pokemon already being confirmed for the game, including Golisopod, Cacnea, and Lycanroc.

New Pokemon Snap functions like an on-rails arcade shooter-type game where players traverse an environment on a set automatically moving path, snapping photos of Pokemon in their natural habitats along the way. Players will be able to interact with Pokemon by using items like Fluffruit to lure Pokemon closer to them, and the Illumina Orb which makes the monsters glow thanks to the Lental region's new Illumina Phenomenon.

New Pokemon Snap hits the Nintendo Switch during the franchise's 25th anniversary, which has included celebrations like a virtual concert with Post Malone and a McDonald's Happy Meal promotion, among other things. Later this year, fans can also look forward to 4th generation remakes coming to the Nintendo Switch with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Very soon, New Pokemon Snap is going to be released, bringing about the fulfillment of a twenty-year old dream that seemed impossible. Taking place in the new Lental region, New Pokemon Snap is primed to give Pokemon fans the dream they’ve always had of really hanging out with some wild Pokemon in gorgeous HD.

Indeed, part of the new Pokemon spinoff's appeal is what it can afford simply by being a modern release on the Nintendo Switch, as the run-based gameplay loop of Pokemon Snap is perfectly suited to the handheld console. Players can finally feel like they’re really taking their cameras out on a safari to observe Pokemon, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if gyro aiming is added to New Snap. Overall, the game looks very promising, but there are some pertinent questions that fans are still trying to figure out.


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