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New Pokemon Snap: All the Legendary Pokemon in the Game

Author : Gmiss821
Publish Date : 2021-05-01 20:10:23
New Pokemon Snap: All the Legendary Pokemon in the Game

New Pokemon Snap is finally out, and Pokemon fans everywhere are starting to board the NEO-ONE and adventure through the Lental Region to study Pokemon interacting in their natural habitats. There are several areas of the Lental Region to explore and each track has a day and nighttime variant, meaning there are tons of great opportunities to interact with and photograph Pokemon.

Although normal Pokemon are abundant, it turns out there are several Legendary Pokemon that can be found in the game. Not every Legendary is present and most of them are smaller Pokemon that can be more easily hidden, but it's great to be able to see some of the most powerful Pokemon living their lives in the wild. There's potential for more Legendaries to be added to the roster with a DLC, but for now, here are all the Legendary Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap and where to find them.
Celebi was the first Mythical Pokemon to be confirmed for New Pokemon Snap after appearing in one of the earlier trailers. Celebi is a grass and psychic type known for its ability to heal wounds and travel through time. It is often found in forests, so it makes sense that it would be found in New Pokemon Snap's Elsewhere Forest level.

Unlike some of the other Legendary Pokemon, Celebi isn't all that hard to find. Players can snap a photo of Celebi by simply taking the default path through Elsewhere Forest. In the last area, Celebi will fly by for a photo-op. For some variety, players can also attract Celebi with fluffruit.
Gen 2's Lugia was the second Legendary Pokemon to be confirmed for New Pokemon Snap, appearing briefly in one of the later gameplay trailers. Lugia's appearance was especially exciting because it seemed to confirm that there would be several Legendary Pokemon to find in the game. Lugia is a psychic and flying type known as the Guardian of the Seas, and is usually associated with its counterpart, Ho-Oh.

Unlike Celebi, Lugia is a little harder to find. It can be found on the Lental Seafloor by diverging left from the standard path. Along the way, players will encounter a Lanturn. Throwing an Illumina Orb on it will cause it to swim down. It ultimately gets grabbed by a pair of Frillish, and players can free it by throwing another Illumina Orb. As a reward, the Lanturn will open up a new path where players can get a shot of Lugia.
If Lugia is in the game, then it's safe to assume that Ho-Oh will be as well. The two make up the legendary Tower Duo and where one is, the other usually isn't too far behind. While Lugia is the Guardian of the Seas, Ho-Oh is a fire and flying-type known as the Guardian of the Skies. Unlike many of the other Pokemon, Ho-Oh doesn't require specific actions to appear.

Encountering Ho-Oh in New Pokemon Snap is actually quite random. It will be in the Fireflow Volcano level and can appear in multiple different locations. Going through the stage at least a couple of times and keeping the camera pointed up at the sky should trigger an appearance by Ho-Oh. It's unclear if any specific conditions are required, but with a little bit of patience and persistence, Ho-Oh shouldn't be too difficult to find.
Suicune is the only one of the Legendary Dogs to appear in New Pokemon Snap so far, and it doesn't make itself easy to find. Suicune is a water-type Pokemon usually associated with the other Legendary Dogs Entei and Raikou, but it flies solo in New Pokemon Snap. It will take at least two stage run-throughs to find Suicune.

The first step is to go to Shiver Snowfields during the day and find Sandslash, who will hide every time the player snaps a photo. Players will need to take several pictures of Sandslash until, finally, it digs a hole and opens up an alternate route to follow. Now that the path has been opened, players need to return to Shiver Snowfields at night and acquire the assistance of several more Pokemon.

Players need to go down Sandslash's path and throw an Illumina Orb on Crabominable, which will trigger a pile of snow to fall on poor Abomasnow. It will get angry and attract a nearby Froslass; taking its picture will open up yet another new area. Players will need to throw one last Illumina Orb on Jinx in the new area, which will finally attract Suicune.


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