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New Destiny 2 Stasis Glitch Gives Players a Weird Wiggle in the Crucible

- By hailyolee
Publish Date : 2021-03-24 10:47:38
New Destiny 2 Stasis Glitch Gives Players a Weird Wiggle in the Crucible

As part of the weekly Destiny 2 reset, developer Bungie released an update focused on, among other things, rebalancing some of the Stasis subclass abilities in the game. Stasis has been running rampant throughout the Crucible since the launch of Beyond Light, and even after some nerfs there were still areas that Bungie wanted to improve.

At the same time, there were some buffs to Stasis, specifically the Shadebinder Warlock subclass. After significantly nerfing the tracking on the Shadebinder Super’s Winters Wrath projectiles months ago, Bungie has made them better. A byproduct of that change, however, is that some Destiny 2 players are seeing some weird things in the Crucible.

One Destiny 2 player has shared a weird occurrence in the Crucible involving the Shadebinder Warlock’s projectiles. If a few things all happen at the same time – admittedly a rare occurrence – then an opponent that the player defeats will start wiggling upon respawning.

In order for this glitch to trigger, the opponent needs to break free of being frozen and jump at the same time, all while the player defeats them using a Winter’s Wrath projectile. If those three things happen at the exact same time, then when that opponent respawns, they will have a strange animation glitch that makes them wiggle.

It’s unclear what exactly is happening, but apparently the increased tracking on the Winters Wrath is part of the reason for this unexpected visual glitch. It does seem like the combination of the breaking free animation, jumping, and the player defeating their opponent is making it hard for Destiny 2 to represent the player properly.

Destiny 2 players are sharing videos that show the projectile tracking might be a little too strong in some instances, but this takes things in a completely different direction. And if a Crucible opponent realizes that the glitch is active, they could take advantage when it comes to seeking revenge.

Even so, this is clearly a glitch that won’t be easy to recreate and it likely won’t cause too many headaches for players in the Crucible. Even the Destiny 2 players in the above video struggle to get the timing right just to show other people their interesting find. Still, Bungie should eventually work on a fix for this glitch, assuming that it is a simple fix. It might be something involving the projectile tracking or something more complex, we don’t know at this point.

A new Vanguard Strike mission is now available for Destiny 2 season pass owners to play. Proving Ground sees Commander Zavala sending a team of Guardians onboard Empress Caiaitl’s Land Tank to represent the Vanguard in an honorable fight to the death against her chosen champion.

This Destiny 2 Strike is a key part of the excellent Season of the Chosen story that Bungie has created and forms the finale of the Challenger’s Proving VII questline for this week. Any players that might be a bit out of the loop when it comes to Season of the Chosen’s story should catch up before getting through the quest and Proving Ground.


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