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Nerf Reveals Halo Infinite Bulldog Gun

Author : meliaander
Publish Date : 2021-02-13 13:54:11
Nerf Reveals Halo Infinite Bulldog Gun

Receiving a lengthy delay last year, Halo Infinite is currently one of Microsoft's biggest priorities going into 2021, with the company looking to release it this coming fall. In correspondence with the game's forthcoming debut, it seems 343 Industries has opted to get some Infinite merchandise onto shelves, with Nerf's latest Halo tie-in now officially available to purchase.

The toy in question is the Nerf Bulldog SG Dart Blaster, which is modeled after one of the new additions to Master Chief's arsenal that will debut in Halo Infinite. It's available to buy from the toy manufacturer's online store or at certain retailers and joins a line-up of Infinite inspired Nerf weaponry, including the Mangler Dart Blaster, the motorized MA40 Assault Rifle, and the MicroShots Needler.

As for what the Bulldog offers, the toy gun is pump-action and can fire ten shots in quick succession thanks to its rotating drum. The pack comes with 10 Nerf Elite foam darts and has several fun additional features, including flip-up sights, a tactical rail, and a code to unlock a digital asset in Halo Infinite. It's also modeled pretty accurately after the new shotgun, which will surely be a fun bonus for fans of the game. It'll set Halo afficiandos back $34.99 when purchased on the official Nerf website and is recommended for ages 8 and up. For those collecting the game's recent Nerf tie-ins, it's sure to fit in well alongside the brand's other Halo inspired toy weapons.

The Bulldog itself is an interesting new addition to Halo Infinite considering it will allegedly replace the traditional shotgun, which was a favorite to many. Speaking on the decision during the recent January 2021 Halo Waypoint update, it was revealed that the Bulldog was seen as a new and improved take on the classic Halo staple, and would serve to encourage more players to test out a shotgun build in multiplayer. It seems 343 believes in the gun's potential to be a new fan-favorite, especially if it's joining the limited number of weapons being made into Nerf toys.

As for Halo Infinite itself, 343 Industries seems to be working hard to deliver one of the best entries in the series to date. Seeing as the game received backlash last year after Microsoft showcased a short demo, the team has vowed to be more open with its community, establishing monthly updates to discuss progress. It's also allegedly focusing on balancing the game and patching out bugs, with multiple betas scheduled to launch prior to the sequel's release.

Microsoft will reportedly keep its word on letting gamers beta test Halo Infinite before its release. Not only will a beta test be available, but developer 343 Industries is "actively drafting plans" for multiple Halo Infinite betas throughout 2021.

The sixth main entry in Xbox's flagship franchise was infamously delayed last year, originally set to be the launch title for Microsoft's newest console, the Xbox Series X. Fans' lukewarm reception to Halo Infinite's gameplay trailer and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic contributed to the delay until fall 2021, which 343 Industries says will be worth the wait.






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