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Neighborhoods with the largest offer of nightclubs in CDMX

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Publish Date : 2021-03-04 11:45:29
Neighborhoods with the largest offer of nightclubs in CDMX

Experience the nightlife in the city! These neighborhoods are perfect for parties as they have the largest offer of nightclubs in CDMX.

Nightlife in the country's capital is very dynamic, attracting people from all over the republic and even foreigners who visit the city. That is why the offer of nightclubs in Mexico City is so wide that it allows you to discover very interesting places, where you can meet people of all cultures and enjoy great moments of fun. 

Do you want to discover the best places to party in the city? Here KissAnime tells you where you will find the largest offer of nightclubs in CDMX.

What are the neighborhoods with the largest offer of nightclubs in CDMX?

  • Juarez
  • Polanco
  • Historical Center
  • Countess
  • Rome
  • Naples


The Juárez neighborhood is the heart of the city's bohemian life, since within it the famous Zona Rosa is located, where a large number of bars and clubs are concentrated with ideal environments to spend a spectacular night of partying. 

This area is home to a large part of the nightclubs in Mexico City, where you can enjoy the best drinks in places like the Hanky ​​Panky Cocktail Bar, Fifty Mils, The Back Room, or Xaman Bar; or if you fancy something more sophisticated with jazz music in the background, you have to go to Parker & Lenox. 

If you are looking for properties for rent in this neighborhood to never miss out on this fun, you can find a good number of very comfortable offers, among which there are many furnished apartments and lofts with prices ranging from 7,500 pesos per month to 90,000 pesos. monthly.


Without a doubt, Polanco is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods to live in, but in addition to its residential use, the neighborhood is distinguished by being an entertainment area with a very hectic nightlife. As you would expect in a neighborhood like this, Polanco is full of VIP spots and some of the most famous bars and clubs in the city. 

Here you have to live the experience of dancing in nightclubs like Gravity, Puerta de Alcalá, and La Santa. You will also find bars with incredible concepts such as the Panic Botanic, which is set to make you feel inside a pirate ship; or the case of the Handshake Speakeasy, which has an atmosphere of mystery and elegance characteristic of the so-called secret bars.  

Since Polanco is an area where people with high purchasing power live, the prices of the apartments for rent can vary from 10 thousand 500 pesos per month, when it comes to apartments shared with roommates or up to more than 200 thousand pesos per month in the case of a penthouse in luxury buildings.

Historical Center

This place not only has a great offer of nightclubs in CDMX, but it is also the perfect place to ensure that everyone has fun. This is because it is home to entertainment venues of all kinds, whether you want to dance, spend a quiet night in a bar, listen to jazz music, watch musical shows or enjoy delicious food and drinks. 

When going out partying in the Historic Center, you should not miss visiting Zinco Jazz Club, La Perla, Downtown Mexico Rooftop Bar, La Faena, Terraza Regina, Bar Mancera, among many others. 

The advantage of the Historic Center is that it is one of the neighborhoods best connected to public transport, so you can easily travel to other areas to discover more interesting places. The offer of apartments for rent allows you to find options with a more accessible price, starting from 3,800 pesos per month to a maximum of 45,000 pesos per month. 


The Condesa neighborhood is one of the most popular areas to live in if you are young, this is due to the variety of its real estate offer and its proximity to the best nightclubs in Mexico City. It is said that the Condesa neighborhood is one of the favorites of foreign visitors, as it is the seat of the best places to party. 

During your night tour of this place, you must visit clubs such as Leonor, AM, and Studio 73 to enjoy while you dance on the track full of LED lights to the rhythm of the music that the DJ puts on you. 

In the neighborhood, you can find apartments for rent for all budgets, such as furnished studios from 6,800 pesos a month, to penthouses of 140 thousand pesos a month.


The main characteristic of Roma is that it is a colonial neighborhood where you can breathe a bohemian atmosphere that attracts attention. Here you will not only find one of the largest varieties of nightclubs in CDMX, but this place is distinguished by offering good, beautiful, and cheap places. 

What do you want to do today? Dance salsa at San Luis Club, or enjoy a cosmic concept with neon lights and good music at Pong Bar, Or maybe you want to experience an eighties-style night out at Patrick Miller. And don't forget to stop by the Waikiki Tiki Room to transport yourself from Roma to Hawaii. 

In this neighborhood, you can discover apartments for rent with very affordable prices from 2,200 pesos a month, but there are also more luxurious options up to 120 thousand pesos a month located in exclusive buildings.


In the Naples neighborhood you can enjoy good music and for all tastes. If you want to listen to reggaeton, the best option is Balvin Club; or if you fancy something more retro, we recommend the Memories Show Bar Club; But if you have the soul of a rocker, your ideal place is the Bulldog Café. 

The area is also renowned in the city for hosting some exclusive nightclubs such as Jeane Baker Club and Presley Club. In addition, in the neighborhood, you can also enjoy a moment of fun surrounded by a totally Mexican folkloric atmosphere in places like La Chilanguita, where tequila, mezcal, and typical dishes will not be lacking.

Naples is a neighborhood with a great demand for housing, so the real estate offers that you will find here are varied and generally, there are for all types of budget. Here you can rent simple apartments for 4,500 pesos a month or luxury apartments for 60 thousand pesos a month. 


Enjoy living in a dynamic and entertaining environment in these neighborhoods and discover the best nightclubs in CDMX. 


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