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More Rainbow Six: Parasite Gameplay Has Leaked

Author : usachessun
Publish Date : 2021-04-06 08:11:12
More Rainbow Six: Parasite Gameplay Has Leaked

Rainbow Six: Parasite was announced back in 2019 at E3, but little else has been said about it other than announcing a couple delays. Now, a new gameplay video has leaked, giving a hint of what players can expect from Rainbow Six: Parasite.

When it was announced, Rainbow Six: Parasite was named Rainbow Six: Quarantine, but it was confirmed by Ubisoft back in February that the name was changing as a result of the pandemic after a PlayStation data-mine found the name change. The title will change again before release, but now most of what is known about Rainbow Six: Parasite is that some of the operators from Rainbow Six Siege will appear in it.

Now, a new gameplay video has been uploaded by YouTuber DBL Online, who grabbed it from Twitter user SkyLeaks. There was a larger but similar gameplay leak just last week that was taken down within a day, so anybody interested in this video should make sure to watch it while it's still available. The leaked footage gives the best look at how the game will actually play, and the bones of Rainbow Six Siege are very noticeable, which should satisfy the game's many fans.

The leak follows the operator Ela from Rainbow Six Siege, who fights her way through an alien-infested building, slowly rescuing what appears to be downed teammates one by one. To rescue them, she must take them one at a time to an extraction point, which makes her move slowly while only using her sidearm. The start of the video also shows the player choosing between three different grenades and three additional pieces of equipment, giving a good look at how the loadout system may work in Rainbow Six: Parasite. The player eventually goes with a loadout that should look pretty familiar to fans, with an assault rifle, and pistol, and flashbangs, as well as grabbing proximity mines from a crate and using them in the mission.

Rainbow Six Siege has been steadily growing, and the leaked gameplay of Rainbow Six Parasite looks as though it will please fans when it eventually launches. It will be interesting to see just how well the Rainbow Six Siege gameplay can translate to a co-op PvE experience, but the leaked gameplay looks as though it will do so well enough. With an expected release date of later this year, hopefully, fans will not have to wait long for some official gameplay and some more in-depth information.

Operation Crimson Heist is officially live in Rainbow Six Siege, introducing a new operator named Santiago "Flores" Lucero and his special equipment known as the RCE-Ratero Charge. Taking a normal drone, Flores has added his own explosives to it, giving the player ten seconds after activating it to find the spot where it then latches on until detonation. While fans continue to find ways to attempt to counter this new explosives expert, Rainbow Six Siege continues to be a major bright spot for Ubisoft.

After the release of Operation Crimson Heist and all of the new content, Active player numbers have continued to rise and show growth. Over five years after the game first launched, Rainbow Six Siege continues to break concurrent player records, reaching over 200,000 players at one time on Steam this past weekend. While some of that may be due to the free to play weekend, it's possible that Ubisoft's insistence on continuing to offer new content bundles and cross overs with other franchises.


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