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More Evidence Hints at Xbox Game Pass Coming to the Switch

Author : Tyraterhune
Publish Date : 2021-05-19 21:39:31
More Evidence Hints at Xbox Game Pass Coming to the Switch

The Epic vs. Apple trial has been full of shocking revelations, revealing tons of information about Sony, Xbox, and the rest of the games industry. For months now, there have been speculations and rumors surrounding the possibility of Xbox Game Pass joining the Nintendo Switch, but these remain unconfirmed. However, the case of Xbox Game Pass making the jump onto the Switch seems somewhat more likely now.

The trial revealed some redacted files that contained hints at the potential of Xbox Game Pass going over to the Nintendo Switch. However, nothing of the revealed portions mention or explicitly confirm that the subscription service would make its way onto the Nintendo Switch.
Phil Spencer, the executive vice-president at Microsoft, has made it clear in the past that he intends on expanding the scope of Xbox Game Pass, as well as adding xCloud onto more consoles. Axios Gaming Reporter Stephen Totilo reported that documents from the Epic vs. Apple trial raise the likelihood that Xbox Game Pass will eventually become available on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo declared that a portion of the deposition of Vice President of Xbox Business Development Lori Wright "reflect... competitively sensitive information about negotiations between Nintendo and Microsoft."
Additionally, when responding to a question about those involved in the ongoing discussions, Wright answered, "Primarily the Game Pass content team and other members of the gaming leadership team." Of course, these comments don't confirm that Xbox Game Pass is coming to Nintendo Switch, but the implication can't go unnoticed.

Regardless, after the portion of Wright being questioned on why she was involved with bringing xCloud to other devices, the rest of the documents are completely redacted. It seems that the censored section of the documents shows talks about adding Xbox Game Pass to the Nintendo Switch but were kept from the public as nothing was made official. Wright was primarily asked about the attempt from Microsoft to bring xCloud onto iOS devices, with the first document showcasing a line of questioning about expanding game streaming onto mobile devices.

While the majority of the content from the documents remains unknown, there is a chance that Wright discussed the partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo. Given that xCloud and the Game Pass content team were a topic of discussion, it appears that Xbox might've partnered to get the immensely popular Xbox Game Pass subscription onto the Switch.

Regardless, it's no secret that Microsoft intends on expanding Xbox Game Pass beyond Xbox and PC, so the possibility of the Nintendo Switch receiving the subscription service wouldn't be too surprising. Nevertheless, this would be a massive opportunity for Xbox Game Pass to boost the already huge number of subscribers.
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