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Monster Hunter World Adds Attack on Titan Gear

Author : lanealdan
Publish Date : 2021-03-22 11:17:37
Monster Hunter World Adds Attack on Titan Gear

With Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise launching within this week and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne close to being two years old, the Iceborne development team does not seem to have any more updates to share with the game's community. Given that the final MHW free title update was released back in late 2020, it seems it is up to the fans to create ways for their fellow players to keep active within the game, mostly through speed run challenges or fan-created mods. Recently, a fan shared their PC mod that put Levi Ackerman, one of the characters in the anime Attack on Titan, in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

This is not the first time that the game's players have used modifications to keep the age-old Monster Hunter grind interesting. Other fans have produced creative additions such as those that put Animal Crossing: New Horizons Isabelle as Palico armor in the game, or replaced MHW's Xeno'jiiva giant dragon monster with the movie Alien's Xenomorphs, making for a terrifying final boss fight.

On NexusMods, the "Attack on Titan - Levi Ackerman Outfit" mod was created and uploaded by user GranJavert. When installed, this modification replaces Monster Hunter World's Aloy armor set with the Levi Ackerman outfit, complete with the military uniform jacket. With this mod, fans of Attack on Titan are likely to enjoy hunting monsters as the captain from the Special Operations Squad in the anime's Survey Corps.

GranJavert also shared some screenshots of the mod in action, including photos of their hunter going head-to-head with Monster Hunter World base monster Anjanath. In the description, GranJavert mentioned that players can also change the color of the jacket through the game's built-in color customization options.

In the future, GranJavert hopes to include jacket physics to make the outfit mesh more smoothly into the game's fast-paced action movements. For fans of both Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Attack on Titan, this mod is definitely an interesting one to check out, and will maybe give them a glimpse on how it might be like to fight oversized foes just like Levi Ackerman.

A staple of the Monster Hunter series is the ability to play with up to three other friends in order to hunt monsters. This has not changed when it comes to Monster Hunter World and its Iceborne expansion.

However, each Monster Hunter game that released worldwide, with the exception of Monster Hunter Stories on mobile and 3DS, has been on one specific system. Monster Hunter World changed that and came to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.  This of course led fans to ask the question whether or not there would be crossplay between platforms.

Unfortunately, Monster Hunter World does not in fact, have any form of crossplay. Players will have to stick to their own preferred platform if they wish to play online with friends. The immediate follow up question however, is regarding the existence of cross save. If players cannot player with players on different platformers, then a possible solution would be to move over their character from one platform onto another if they own more than one copy of the game. Well that's not actually an option either. In every sense, players can only play with friends who are on the same platform as they are.


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