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Monster Hunter Rise Details Almudron Gear

Author : betwety1
Publish Date : 2021-02-24 10:28:32
Monster Hunter Rise Details Almudron Gear

Fans of the Monster Hunter series know that one of the most important elements to the games' progression is the gear that is craftable after defeating a new monster. While beating a monster offers some fulfillment in itself, crafting a new weapon or some new armor in Monster Hunter makes the experience even more rewarding.

One of the newest monsters to join the series is the leviathan Almudron, who was shown off in the most recent trailer for Monster Hunter Rise. Almudron is, in a way, the opposite of Mizutsune, the bubble fox leviathan that, like its name suggests, uses bubbles to fight. Almudron on the other hand, uses mud to attack hunters.

Given Almudron's brown aesthetic, one would be forgiven for expecting the gear to follow suit. However, the gear has tones of blacks, yellows, and reds. The video confirming this aesthetic belongs to Almudron also confirms that the hammer being used in the last Monster Hunter Rise trailer belongs to Almudron.

That hammer was shaped like a wheel or tire, and based on that, as well as the armor just shown, it appears that Capcom may have decided to go with an oil aesthetic instead of a mud aesthetic for the gear. That said, the armor does also harken somewhat back to Stygian Zinogre and Brachydios gear. It has a similar color scheme and animal-like design to the Sytigian Zinogre gear and has almost a Power Rangers aesthetic like the Brachydios gear.

Both the male and female armor sets have the animal aesthetic with claws on the gauntlets, but the female armor takes it a bit farther with what seems to be cat ears on the helmet. The Palamute and Palico armor are also shown with the former looking almost like a motorcycle with the latter being a bit more mystical.

The demo of Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise is currently live on the Nintendo eShop and will be there until the end of January 2021. With players still experiencing first-hand the new features of the upcoming game through the demo, Monster Hunter Rise's development team adds fuel to the excitement by recently posting a short video of some new Palamute armor designs.

Monster Hunter Rise's Palamutes are one of the most anticipated features of the game. Even though the series continues to provide new monsters to hunt in every iteration, fans probably felt a different sort of excitement when Capcom decided to include canines as hunting companions in the game. And with Palamutes providing new quirks and activities, such as being able to be petted or react to their hunter's emotes, fans are likely eager to see just how their Palamutes will look when donning the armor made from harvested monster materials.

In a recent post on the Monster Hunter Rise official Twitter account, the development team shared a short video that showcased six brand-new Palamute armor and one brand-new Palico armor. Fans who pay keen attention to detail will most likely notice that these armor designs are based from the monsters that were officially revealed in the recent Monster Hunter Rise digital event.


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