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MLB The Show 21: Hitting Tips

Author : chesnutkimiko206
Publish Date : 2021-04-19 19:00:55
MLB The Show 21: Hitting Tips

As players begin their time with MLB The Show 21, they may feel as though they are simply unable to get a good hit on any of the pitches that come their way. Undoubtedly, this can prove to be quite frustrating, and fans that are having this experience may be looking for some tips that will improve their hitting. That is exactly what players will find in this guide, and hopefully it will lead to more successful at bats in MLB The Show 21.

To note, while the hitting tips featured in this guide have been divided into three separate categories, they need not be addressed in the order that they are listed. In fact, MLB The Show 21 players will likely need to return to some of the early tips as they dive more deeply into the latter ones. As such, fans are advised to get a general sense of all of the categories before they start taking in-game actions.

MLB The Show 21: Hitting Settings Tips

There are several ways to adjust the camera and interface elements when hitting in MLB The Show 21, and players should spend some time finding the options that work best for them. Here are more specific details on how fans can alter the experience when they are at bat, with some recommendations when they are relevant:
Hitting View

This setting determines the camera that is used when hitting, and Strike Zone is perhaps the best selection. Indeed, this particular camera is positioned very close to the action, which should make it easier to read pitches in MLB The Show 21. That said, players should certainly try out all of the Hitting Views and use the one that they are most comfortable with.
Hitting Interface

With this setting, it is simply recommended that fans that really want to improve select Zone, as it will give them the most control over their hitting.
Plate Coverage Indicator

The best PCI customization options depend entirely on a player's preferences, and fans should try out the various PCI colors, transparencies, and beyond until they land on an indicator that they like.

MLB The Show 21: Hitting Practice Mode Tips

The absolute best way to get better at hitting is to properly utilize MLB The Show 21's practice mode. More specifically, this mode should be used to both identify and address weaknesses, and here are more specific thoughts on how that can be done:
Identify Weaknesses

To put thing simply, players should get accustomed to checking the information that appears at the bottom of the screen after they take a swing. Indeed, the details that are displayed here are extremely useful in identifying overarching hitting issues, and fans should pay particular attention to their Swing Timing, PCI locations, and the types of pitches that are being thrown.
Addressing Weaknesses

After spending some time monitoring swing feedback, baseball game fans should have a fairly good sense of what there weaknesses are, and they should use practice mode to work on them. For instance, if a player discovers that they are consistently having trouble with outside sliders, then they should set their pitch requests and pitch location requests so that they only receive that type of pitch. This will allow fans to perfect their Swing Timing and PCI location against the precise pitches that are giving them issues, and it can do a lot to improve hitting.
MLB The Show 21: Hitting General Tips



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