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Minecraft Player Spends 3 Years Recreating North American City

- By organgain
Publish Date : 2021-03-10 10:58:41
Minecraft Player Spends 3 Years Recreating North American City

Ever since the game's initial release, Minecraft fans have been using the title's array of tools to work on creative projects that think outside the box. From managing to get a playable version of Doom 64 running on the back of a herd of sheep to a modder recreating all of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl within the survival sandbox, there's no limit to the creativity of the game's playerbase.

The latest Minecraft project comes courtesy of Reddit user the_balazs, who took to the title's subreddit to share their creation: an authentic, North American city, built from scratch. The project allegedly took the Minecraft player three years to create and they're still not done.

Titled the "North American Metropolis Project," balazs provided pictures to highlight their creation, having to clarify in the title that the screenshots aren't from Cities Skylines due to the zoomed-out images looking so realistic. There are several key aspects to the city, including a myriad of skyscrapers, two suspension bridges, docks, and a beach with a pier. The more detailed images reveal that it's also filled with small flourishes, including helipads on certain buildings and an American flag that towers over one of its bridges. It's an incredibly ambitious project and one that it seems balazs has been working diligently on for quite some time.

As for where the influence for the style of the North American Metropolis Project came from, it appears its designer had several inspirations. They personally list Chicago and New York as notable reference points, which can be seen through the river spanning through the city's center and several of the buildings spotted in its skyline. Lucky for players interested in the map, they can experience it for themselves via Planet Minecraft, with balazs uploading versions of it ever since 2019. The last update came in December 2020, with balazs seemingly planning to offer more as they invest further time into their model city.

The North American City Project joins a roster of Minecraft creations that prove the iconic title isn't going anywhere anytime soon, with the game still growing its community long past its initial release in 2011. Recently, a Minecraft fan recreated U.A High School from the immensely popular anime and manga My Hero Academia, while another shared an impressive Pokemon tower they designed. Although the game has been in the public eye for years, it seems creative fans are always finding new ways to experiment with Minecraft's world, whether that's through imaginative mods or jaw-dropping creations.

Adventure packs have quickly become a staple of both Minecraft's official content, as well as some of the new additions creations made by the modding community. However, while official content has the benefit of being pre-screened by Mojang for the safety of a player's PC or console, modding can bring in liscensed content, like maps inspired by Nintedo's Super Mario Galaxy.

One modder in particular has taken more than inspiration from a Nintendo property for their latest Minecraft mod, choosing instead to pull the maps of Super Mario Galaxy over in their entirety. Modder Chasin_Jasin, previously Vegan_Potato43, recently revealed the final results of the mod, though the initial process of the adventure pack had been shown a while before.


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