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Minecraft Modder Adds Playable Uno Card Game

Author : seedforrige
Publish Date : 2021-05-03 10:48:40
Minecraft Modder Adds Playable Uno Card Game

There are plenty of reasons why the classic card game Uno has endured throughout the years. With the simple objective of trying to remove all the cards from one’s hand while trying to force players to pick up more, it’s hectic party game action that’s easy to learn and get into, and now fans of both Uno and Minecraft can enjoy that action within the block-based virtual sandbox.

Of course, this is just the latest example of players finding ways to turn Minecraft into a platform for other games. Many a clever player has managed to recreate all sorts of popular media in the game thanks to the sheer versatility of its built-in creative tools, and modders have been able to take this even further, making it possible to play hits ranging from Doom to Beat Saber inside Minecraft.

And now Uno can be added to that list, courtesy of Reddit user pr0mers. This weekend, they shared a video showing off the elaborate structure they built that makes it possible for up to four players to gather around a small table and play the game in Minecraft, complete with all 108 of Uno’s distinct cards at their disposal.

The video also describes how the whole thing works. Players start by drawing cards designed with different types of redstones, which are collected from a chest that gives them out at seemingly random upon being activated. This is done through a complex system of shulkers that match up with the values of each card’s redstone and cycle it into the chest. Players can then place cards on the table, and from there a minecart underneath the table takes the older cards and carries them back into the distribution mechanism.

It goes without saying that this took quite a lot of work to put together, and pr0mers started off the video by stating that it took 32 days and over 300 hours to create the whole structure. But the result is yet another impressive creation from Minecraft’s player base, and better yet, they promised to share a tutorial so others can create their own alternative to Ubisoft’s official video game version of Uno.

Even after more than a decade on the market, Minecraft shows no sign of slowing down, and the same can be said of its modding community. Player-made content continues to make its way onto the in-game marketplace in large quantities, and this in turn has resulted in massive profits for publisher Microsoft, which has made over $350 million from Minecraft mods in recent times.

Vanilla Minecraft is a great game and an experience that can keep anyone busy for hours. However, with the abundance of mods and modpacks that talented creators have made for Mojang's sandbox survival game, it's only natural to get sucked into the wondrous world of Minecraft mods.

There are just about as many mods as there are ways to enjoy vanilla Minecraft. Some introduce brand new fantasy RPG features like creatures, spells, and potions, while others take the game into the future, with brand-new blocks and resources to make even the craziest of creations. Here are just a few incredible things players can do in Minecraft with the help of mods.


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