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Minecraft Fan Creating Texture Pack Based on LEGO Bricks

Author : froddel1
Publish Date : 2021-02-10 11:08:36
Minecraft Fan Creating Texture Pack Based on LEGO Bricks

The LEGO toy brand has built its success on giving users near-endless possibilities for what they can create with the miniature interlocking bricks, while also crossing over with other giants of popular culture. For example, LEGO Star Wars turned 15 years old in 2020, and Mojang Studios' sandbox building game Minecraft was a perfect complement to the toy bricks. Now, one fan is looking to incorporate the aesthetic of LEGO into Minecraft.

Minecraft LEGO sets were first announced in 2012, and have gone through multiple iterations even after Microsoft acquired Mojang in 2014. While this brought the popular game into real life, similar to the interactive LEGO Super Mario kits developed for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. on NES, Reddit user macio6 has also suggested there are a lot of possibilities for putting the toys into a digital sandbox.

A teaser for macio6's LEGO-based Minecraft texture pack was uploaded to the r/Minecraft subreddit earlier today, and has already received over 46,000 upvotes as of this writing. It does not say when the texture pack will be releasing, only that it is "coming soon," and in another post offering a standalone preview image macio6 said they will put it out after they "finish all basic blocks."

It's apparent that a lot of work has gone into creating a texture pack with keen attention to detail based on screenshots shared by the Redditor, as close inspection of each block shows they are more often than not multiple LEGO bricks stacked together to emulate real life. Fans have incorporated LEGO into video games in smaller scales before, such as modeling a LEGO Minifigure based on Red Dead Redemption 2's Arthur Morgan, but giving fans the chance to play in a world made of the building bricks is a feat all its own.

Of course, LEGO has attempted to give its fans similar virtual experiences in the past. LEGO Worlds is an open-world building game with multiplayer, and LEGO Dimensions let players use a ton of characters with toys-to-life mechanics popularized by series like Skylanders. However, neither seemed to receive the same level of critical and fan acclaim as Minecraft.

While macio6's upcoming texture pack using the Minecraft shader software SEUS PTGI looks like something to watch out for, the creator says they will be removing all official LEGO logos before shipping it. Players have accomplished many impressive things using the sandbox game, from recreating Super Mario Galaxy in Minecraft to discovering world seeds based on images alone, so it will be interesting to see how this texture pack stacks up.

The prevalence of horror movies and roller coasters are evidence that human beings love to be scared and thrilled by entertainment as much as they love exciting adventures and heartwarming stories. Video games are not immune, and throughout the years famous video game creepypastas like Ben Drowned based on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Herobrine based on Minecraft have captured plenty of imaginations.

Creepypastas are the urban legends of the Internet age, based on stories meant to be copied and pasted to forums. Herobrine is one such story about an entity using Steve's basic Minecraft skin with white eyes that haunted a player's server. The story was originally posted to the 4chan board /v/ in 2010, which inspired streamer Copeland to create new images and prank his viewers. "After that people started doing their own Herobrine stuff and it exploded pretty fast," Copeland told Minecraft Wiki in an email.


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