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Microsoft Wants to Bring Xbox Game Pass to Other Consoles

Author : patric
Publish Date : 2021-05-05 09:45:20
Microsoft Wants to Bring Xbox Game Pass to Other Consoles

Microsoft has invested heavily into Xbox Game Pass, with the service frequently getting new titles and planning to put all of its first-party exclusives on the service on launch day. Now, it looks as though Microsoft is looking to bring Xbox Game Pass to other consoles as well.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that gives players access to over 150 games, and it has versions on consoles, PC, as well as a new feature allowing players to stream games on their mobile devices through Xbox Cloud Gaming. It is the Xbox Cloud Gaming in particular that Microsoft is eyeing to try and jump onto other consoles.

A leaked document comes as part of the ongoing court case between Epic Games and Apple over Apple's control on the iOS app store. The document shows two emails sent between Epic CEO Tim Sweeney and Xbox lead Phil Spencer. In the emails, Spencer tells Sweeney that Xbox hasn't given up on getting Xbox Game Pass on other consoles like the Nintendo Switch. The email does note that it would be through Xbox Cloud Gaming, which makes sense as it would allow Nintendo Switch to still play some of Xbox Game Pass' more technically demanding titles.

Interestingly, the emails also show that Xbox's removal of requiring an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play free-to-play games was preceded by Sweeney trying line up the change with the start of its battle against Apple. It is particularly interesting that Spencer responds to the request by saying that Xbox will get there, as the emails are dated August 2020. This means the change was long in the works by the time it happened, following Xbox reverting its announcement that it would double the price of an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

However, many fans are still keeping their hopes up for Xbox Game Pass to come to the Switch in particular. With both Xbox and Nintendo teasing at an upcoming partnership between the two companies, it could be a possibility in the future. Xbox Game Pass has also pulled off some surprising collaborations recently, with Sony's first-party title MLB The Show 21 launching on the service at launch. Hopefully, with the coming summer of games industry conferences and announcements, players will not have much longer to wait to see if Xbox Game Pass makes the jump to any more platforms.

Describing Xbox Game Pass as “the Netflix of video games” is already a tired comparison, but frankly, it’s also a perfect summation of how the service works. A monthly subscription nets you digital access to a hefty library of games ranging from indie sensations to triple-A titles, with the only real limitations being your hard drive space, download times, and the catalog itself (which consists of hundreds of games as we speak).

But like any recurring expenditure, it makes absolute sense to want to know everything there is to know about the service before committing your hard-earned dollars, and to stay on top of the latest developments once you have. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know — from the pricing structure and subscription options to the latest and greatest games to be added to its expansive selection.






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