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Marvels Avengers: The Best Possible MCU Suits for Iron Man

Author : hilner
Publish Date : 2021-05-05 12:58:14
Marvels Avengers: The Best Possible MCU Suits for Iron Man

While everyone in Marvel’s Avengers gets their time to shine, Iron Man’s overall role in the story is a bit smaller than many may have expected. While he has some great moments like his flight to space and the creation of his homemade suit, the character is far from the star of the campaign. Instead, that role goes to Kamala Khan, with heroes like Black Widow and The Hulk assisting her on her journey. However, this was likely an intentional decision on the part of Crystal Dynamics.

With Marvel’s Avengers attempting to distance itself from the MCU, one clear way to do so is to play down Iron Man’s role in the story. In the live action films, there is no one with as much importance as Tony Stark, as it was Robert Downey Jr’s excellent performance that kickstarted the MCU. There from the beginning, Iron Man’s arc spanned through the Infinity Saga, culminating in Avengers: Endgame as the hero saved the world from Thanos. While Nolan North plays the part well, his Iron Man is a far different character from the on-screen version. That said, with Marvel’s Avengers now embracing the MCU in terms of its cosmetics, here are a few of the looks that the in-game Tony Stark should take from the on-screen version.

Otherwise known as the “Football” or briefcase suit, this awesome set of Iron Man armor features in Iron Man 2. While the film itself is widely considered one of the worst entries in the MCU, it does have a few redeeming qualities, one of which is this armor. Worn by Tony during his first fight with Whiplash, the suit gets an epic introduction via one of the best suit-up sequences in the series. Stark sets the briefcase on the ground, stepping onto it as the suit forms around him. The unique use of silver for a large portion of the armor’s body helps it stand out, as does the lined pattern on the costume.

The Mark 6 suit is worn at the end of Iron Man 2, getting some time to shine in the final battle. While Iron Man fights alongside War Machine, viewers can see all the details of the sleek suit. While some may not be a fan of the bits of silver on the arms and legs, as they provide an unfinished look similar to the Spider-Man: Homecoming Iron Man suit, they are not what makes the suit great. Instead, the pyramid-shaped arc reactor is the star of the show here, as it gives the suit a look of its own. With Crystal Dynamics needing to include a “basic” kind of MCU Iron Man suit, purely so players can use the movie’s helmet with the classic color pattern, this is a fine choice.

With the Mark 6 taking heavy damage via a fight with Thor and the siege of the Helicarrier, The Avengers’ final act sees Iron Man donning a fresh suit. Leaping from Stark Tower right at the beginning of the Battle of New York, the armor forms around a free-falling Iron Man during an epic sequence. Seen when Tony Stark wrecks the Chitauri forces and flies to the portal with a nuke on his back, the suit’s time in the spotlight is hard to forget. While it is similar to the Mark 6, it brings back the circular arc reactor. A great touch could see the damaged variant from the iconic team shot included, as there are currently no suits in Marvel's Avengers that feature battle damage.





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