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Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Maestro Hulk Skin

Author : cartelyang
Publish Date : 2021-03-26 13:28:01
Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Maestro Hulk Skin

For the first time in Marvel’s Avengers, players will soon be able to dress up as a supervillain. Starting later next week, a twisted version of The Hulk known as Maestro will be purchasable through the Marvel’s Avengers marketplace.

For those unfamiliar with the Marvel villain Maestro, he serves as the ruler of the Wasteland and can be fought in the final battle of Hawkeye’s Future Imperfect DLC  expansion. While his backstory is not covered heavily in the game, in the comics he has a twisted past that sees him tortured by AIM and serving as the sole survivor of The Avengers during an apocalypse. A twisted version of The Hulk that maintains Bruce Banner’s intelligence alongside a major lack of empathy, he rules over the few survivors of the future.

The new Hulk skin was shown off via a post on the official Marvel’s Avengers Twitter account, and it depicts the green rage monster looking like the villain he ultimately becomes. The white hair and beard are seen alongside Maestro’s necklace, while the bracers on his wrists help him stand out more. Bruce Banner’s ripped purple shorts look more worn than ever before on this skin, giving it one final touch that helps it stand out from the traditional Hulk appearance. While seeing Hulk dressed like this could prove confusing in boss battles with Maestro, it should prove entertaining everywhere else.

Another Legendary item, Maestro will be priced at 1400 Units, which will cost Marvel’s Avengers players interested in donning the villain’s outfit about $10. Units can be acquired from Hero Cards as well, so players who are willing to grind out challenges for the game’s heroes can unlock the Maestro skin for free. With Clint Barton’s arrival adding a new hero card to the game, players that complete all of Hawkeye’s fresh challenges should find themselves with enough currency to buy the outfit — though this process will take at least a few weeks.

With no ETA provided regarding the return of the game’s pattern-related cosmetics or Vendor items, the Marvel’s Avengers fanbase needs to rely on the Marketplace for new skins. With many outfits removed for characters like Kate Bishop, hopefully a patch comes soon that introduces the reworked cosmetics system. As shown by comments on the tweet, fans seem to feel that the occasional Marketplace addition does not provide enough incentive to keep playing, so more options coming sooner rather than later seems necessary.

Still, even with the cosmetics system missing and some other Marvel’s Avengers issues still prevalent, this is a nice skin to have in the game. As one of the most memorable alternate versions of The Hulk from the comics, many will surely love playing as Maestro.

Marvel’s Avengers is now a few months into 2021, with the year serving as a make-or-break period for the struggling co-op game. As part of its attempted comeback, the original Hawkeye Clint Barton has released alongside next-gen upgrades for the game. Sporting a moveset that is quite different from Kate Bishop’s, despite the pairing’s similar skillsets, Clint is a fine addition to the game’s roster. Further, many may be surprised by where he ranks among the rest of the game’s characters.


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