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Magic Legends Details Difficulty Options and Modifiers

Author : monday
Publish Date : 2021-03-03 12:23:29
Magic Legends Details Difficulty Options and Modifiers

After months of waiting and a couple of delays thanks in development thanks to the pandemic, it is finally almost time for players to get their hands of Magic: Legends when the open beta kicks off in just a few weeks. Hype for the free-to-play ARPG is still building and some new information from the developers offers another sneak peek behind the development curtain, this time focusing on the game's difficulty levels.

It's a pretty standard feature to include multiple difficulties in this type of game, but Magic: Legends is going a step further to offer players additional chances to modify the gameplay with more challenges that will require carefully built class loadouts to handle specific map modifiers. As gamers might expect, there are item rewards for taking on those extra hard challenges and successfully making it through levels featuring difficult modifiers.

Magic: Legends features four difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, Expert, and Master. Planeswalkers have to unlock the higher difficulty levels by hitting certain milestones in the campaign before they are able to scale up the challenges (and rewards). In addition to those option, which will increase enemy health pools and damage output, there are also regional and world enchantments that can add even more challenge to each level.

An APRG like Magic Legends that has aspirations of becoming a game service with a long lifespan definitely needs to nail the delivery of scaling difficulty levels for various player types and tempting item rewards that can offer motivation to players to stay engaged and keep working up through the game's endgame content at higher difficulty levels to keep the grind alive. It will be very interesting to see how well these features land when players get their hands on the title in the near future.

Some potential fans began to worry in the late fall when announcements about the ARPG seemed to dry up and go quiet, but after the announcement of the open beta things have definitely picked back up. The development team is releasing blogs detailing features and hopefully an open line of communication remains once the open beta is underway later this month.

As the 2021 launch of Magic Legends draws closer, Cryptic Studios has revealed the fourth of the five starting classes. Now that the Sanctifier is going to be fighting alongside the Beastcaller, Geomancer, and Mind Mage, it's finally time to learn a little bit more about how healing is going to work in the action RPG with MMO elements.

Although Magic Legends isn't a traditional five party member multiplayer RPG with 3 DPS, a tank, and a healer in every party, it is still a multiplayer game that offers each of the three players a chance to bring something unique to the battlefield. When it comes to the Sanctifier, some of those unique skills are going to include taking advantage of Lifelink to heal not just themselves, but also surrounding allies within range.

Like many of the best action RPGs, the battlefield in Magic Legends can start to get crowded and hectic pretty quickly as players start to summon creatures and hordes of enemies begin appearing. As gamers might imagine, that chaos, combined with most console gamers playing on a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse, can make targeted healing a bit of a chore or challenge. Luckily, the Magic Legends approach to healing (and targeting) is designed to take that stress away and allow the healer specialist to keep themselves and their allies alive without a ton of clicking faceplates or anything like that.


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