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Luca, Pixars Latest Animated Film Contains Pieces of the Directors Childhood Memory

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Publish Date : 2021-05-02 10:42:47
Luca, Pixars Latest Animated Film Contains Pieces of the Directors Childhood Memory

An animated film by Pixar studio, Luca, is ready to be released this summer.
This film has a unique story, about sea monsters who have an interest in the human world. Despite being a fantasy, Luca actually contains fragments of the childhood memory of the director, Enrico Casarosa. Precisely his hometown in Genoa, a port city on the Riviera, Italy.
In an online presentation held by Disney-Pixar some time ago, he shared that the scenery in this area is so distinctive and beautiful with steep cliffs.

"I always thought that there was something magical about this area, it was almost like there would be creatures from the sea hanging up and hanging out on the rocks. There was something unique, including the color of the water which was cobalt-blue, nothing like this," he said. .
What Enrico brings to Luca is not only a summer on the Riviera with sweet gelato, but also his childhood friendship.
"The essence of this story is about friendship, [like] a strong friendship with my former friends," he said.
Enrico shared that he used to be a bit hesitant and timid, while his best friend, Alberto, was an adventurer who was not afraid to make trouble.

"We are very different, but also very compatible with each other. It makes me challenged to get out of my comfort zone. This kind of friendship is what I want to talk about," Enrico explained.
From the Ancient Map
Even the topic of sea monsters has its roots in his longstanding fascination, ancient maps. Enrico said that in the ancient maps he saw, he often displayed pictures of monsters in the ocean.
"They include legends, things to be feared from the sea, mysteries from the sea, all fear, this is a very amazing folk tale," said the 2012 Oscar nominee in this short animation of La Luna.
Humans and Monsters
The producer, Andrea Warren, added that there are big interesting themes in the film. That is, both humans and sea creatures think of each other as monsters.


"This is part of the theme of the film, namely that they are not actually monsters. If only they knew each other and appreciated each other, humans would know that they were not monsters," he said.
Luca's Adventure in the Human World
Luca is the name of the film's main character voiced by child actor Jacob Tremblay. Luca lives with his family under the sea with one main rule: don't appear to the human world above sea level.
His acquaintance with Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer) made him desperate to break this rule. Moreover, he was imagined by a human-made object that Alberto had introduced: a Vespa motorbike.
Luca will premiere on Disney Plus on June 18, 2021.

# Soul beats Onward and Shaun the Sheep Movie to win the 2021 Oscar

The animated film Soul made by Disney and Pixar successfully won the award at the Best Animated Feature Film aka Best Animated Film at the 93rd Academy Awards or what we know as the 2021 Oscar.
Soul's victory overthrew other animated films also worked on by Pixar, Onward and Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon which had been nominated in various other award events.
Apart from Onward, Soul who raised jazz music also managed to get rid of two other animated films in the nominations for Best Animated Film, Over the Moon and Wolfwalkers.

Dedication To Jazz Music
Soul film director, Pete Docter, admits that this film is dedicated to Jazz music. In fact, Pete said that Jazz music is the main vehicle for the film Soul in terms of teaching life.
Love Letter for Jazz
"This film was made as a love letter to Jazz. But we don't know how much Jazz can teach us about life," Pete Docter said after winning the award.
Other Categories
Soul was not only nominated for an Animated Film but also for Best Music. Historically, the majority of Oscar's best animated films are a reflection of the taste of the judging committee at the Annie Awards, a globally prestigious animated film contest.
The reason is, in the event Soul successfully harvested seven trophies including Best Animated Film.
Award Location
The 2021 Oscar event was held at Dolby Theater and Union Station, Los Angeles, USA, on Monday (26/4/2021) morning WIB. A number of popular names read out the nominations on stage such as Riz Ahmed, Harrison Ford, to Reese Witherspoon.

# The History of the Oscar Trophy, the Golden Statue, and the Mysterious Origins of His Name
The Oscar Cup is one of the most prestigious annual awards in the world of cinema and is in great demand. Oscar history records the beginning of the title holding the shortest record, which lasted for 15 minutes on May 16, 1929 with 12 categories.

In the beginning, the Oscar Cup could only be seen by residents of the United States. Then along with the development of technology right in 1969, this prestigious award event became broadcast

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