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Loop Heros Lich is Basically Sans from Undertale

- By deayoaio
Publish Date : 2021-03-12 12:12:08
Loop Heros Lich is Basically Sans from Undertale

For those who hunger for rogue-likes, Loop Hero's pixel debut was likely a welcome sight. A unique but exciting combination of tower defense and deck building games, Loop Hero takes inspiration from other genres while also standing out on its own.

While on an adventure as one of Loop Hero's classes, players will have to place tiles in order to re-imagine areas of the lost world that will help or hurt them on their loop. All of this in an effort to collect more resources to build a base camp, which in turn will make the hero more prepared for their loop journey. While placing cards on the game map, a boss meter will fill on the top left part of the screen under the day progress meter. When that fills up, a boss will spawn, and the boss in the first chapter, The Lich King, bares a striking resemblance to everyone's favorite skeleton-based Comic, Sans.

The most obvious resemblance between the two is their bony bodies. Both Sans and the Lich are skeletons with personality, albeit one more than the other. Both of their in-game designs reflect a cuter and cartoon version of human anatomy, with Sans being much more compressed and the Lich missing everything below his abdomen. Another similar feature between the two is the glowing eyes when in a dialogue sequences. Sans' eyes did go out when he got serious, but other than that, the similar sparkle is there. Just like Sans, the Lich is the boss to beat in order to get back to the world the hero knows.

It's not only their bodily appearances that share some similar characteristics, as the Lich and Sans apparently share a similar taste in wardrobe as well. Everyone knows Sans outfit of the blue jacket with distinctive collar, black shorts, and pink house slippers. While the Lich can't share all these tastes, due to having no legs or feet, he still appears to share the comic's taste for overwear. The Lich can be seen wearing a dusty, but blue, cloak that also has a distinctive collar popped out.

While most of the time players will recognize Sans as the cheesy goofball cracking jokes or offering a supportive line, there are circumstances that cause him to adopt the same dramatic and nihilistic tone as the Lich. If the player chooses to kill every NPC in Undertale, then Sans becomes the hero of the story, the player's antagonist. In place of the regular battle at the end, the player will have to fight Sans, who is harder than his cute look might suggest. Instead of his jokes, players are faced with a callous and cold skeleton, devoid of the sparkle once in his eyes. With that in mind, one has to wonder what happened in the Lich's past to make him the want to destroy literally everything in Loop Hero.

This is a coincidence, of cours. It goes to show how something as simple as a half-skeleton in a blue cloak can remind fans of their favorite comedic bag of bones. Undertale was a huge inspiration for gamers when it released a little over 5 years ago, with many fans eager to get their hands on the next Undertale entry. Until then, one can't blame gamers for seeing Sans in the Lich while they grind through Loop Hero's chapters.


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