League of Legends Updating Character for Visual Clarity

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Publish Date : 2021-04-13 07:35:30
League of Legends Updating Character for Visual Clarity

League of Legends is one of the longest-running massive online multiplayer games that's still active, debuting in 2009 and starting its first season the following year in 2010. Since its inception, League of Legends has gone through several subtle visual updates, with its major visual upgrades accompanied by several characters' reworked designs and playstyles over the years.

One of the recent champions to receive a complete overhaul was Volibear, granting him an updated move set as well as an updated visual upgrade and lore. While not as massive of an upgrade as the Freljord thunder demigod, Volibear, Kog'Maw is the latest champion to receive the visual update treatment according to Riot staff.

On April 8th, Riot's visual lead artist, 'Beardilocks', announced the next to receive a VGU was the acid-spitting void puppy Kog'Maw, starting with an updated model texture and icons. With the updated textures, it is now easier for Kog'Maw players to identify when they are empowered as well as the width of his missiles and ultimate range. The latest champion to get a visual upgrade earlier this year was Udyr, one of the original champions in League of Legends alongside Kog'Maw.

According to Beardilocks, most of Kog'Maw's skins were left unchanged aside from his skins worth 1350 RP or more, which generally receive a unique VFX in some capacity. Lion Dance Kog'Maw, for example, was a skin that received new firecracker visual effects as it was a skin that fit the 1350 RP threshold. While the visual graphics update for Kog'Maw is minimal, it's a nice acknowledgment for a champion who has been in and out of the meta since his original inception.

With a new trailer titled "Made With Love," League of Legends reveals Gwen to be the next champion joining the roster.

Fans have been long awaiting a League of Legends champion by the name of Isolde since she leaked some time ago. Isolde plays an unexpectedly large in the storyline surrounding Viego, the Ruined King. Isolde is Viego's wife, but not much other factual information is known about her as it hasn't been confirmed by Riot yet. All that's currently known is that Isolde is dead and that she was a seamstress when Viego fell in love with her and decided to take her as his queen.

While this new champion isn't Isolde, the one fans have been waiting for, Gwen looks to be a creation of Isolde's. In the trailer, Isolde can be seen sewing a doll, Gwen, but in the next scene, Isolde dies and her soul splits away. This is likely the moment Viego becomes the Ruined King before one of these blue souls wanders and finds the doll, giving it life.

The description of the trailer implies that Isolde's soul found the doll after her death, but it's unclear that Gwen is currently being possessed by Isolde herself.

Only a silhouette of the new League champion is given briefly at the end of the trailer, but she's an AP top-lane Brawler. Her full kit has not yet been revealed by Riot, but it's expected that more details about Gwen and her ties to Viego will come in the following weeks.


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