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Konami Teases News for the Switch

Author : hypeshare
Publish Date : 2021-04-22 11:03:09
Konami Teases News for the Switch

Considering Konami's modern absence from the video game development scene, there's been a surprising amount of news from the publisher lately. Despite what Konami's "internal restructure" of its video game division led many to believe, it's currently moving toward the release of several licensed products. Just this past week came the announcement of Getsu Fuma Den: Undying Moon for the Nintendo Switch, but a new rumor hints that Konami could have another Switch announcement on the horizon.

The rumor stems from an official source this time, as Konami's Twitter account for Spain shared a surprising reveal early Wednesday morning. A Twitter user messaged the Konami account, saying that they hope that there's more than just Getsu Fuma Den: Undying Moon coming to the Switch down the line. The Konami account replied that it's, "sure you're not the only one," interested in more Konami games on Switch, with a winking emoji after.

Obviously, the message from Konami isn't a confirmation of any sort. It's an ambiguous response that could absolutely be a hint that more Konami games may be coming to the Switch in the future, but it could also just be typical social media teasing, too. It's likely that Konami will bring games to the Switch eventually, but it's only a possibility that a new game will be brought to the platform in the near future.

Just as an example, Konami's already confirmed that there's a Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel game in development for the Switch. The platform is obviously on its radar. But the user who asked Konami the question, and Konami itself, likely had something else in mind. They were perhaps considering a bigger game, like something from Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, or perhaps even Silent Hill.

Some Konami fans are already running wild with the possibilities, of course. One popular game being mentioned is Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance, which Switch users are hoping might be ported. Konami obviously has a variety of classic games that could be ported, as well as major franchises that could be licensed out like Getsu Fuma Den.

What's clear is that Konami has projects in development. What those projects are and what platforms they're coming to is unclear. However, Konami has already announced plans to have a show as part of the E3 season this summer. Switch users hoping for an announcement should keep an eye on those summer game announcements from Konami.

For some time now, there have been several rumors circulating online about Sony and Konami. These rumors suggest that the two companies' working relationships could be restored on some level. In 2020, it was rumored that Sony was planning on buying Konami, though this has yet to come to fruition and there hasn't been any official news on a possible acquisition. Since the rumors started about Sony's possible purchase, subsequent rumors about new games and exclusivity have cropped up.

Konami and Sony used to have a close working relationship. Some Konami games launched exclusively on PlayStation consoles, even though Sony didn't own Konami. The Metal Gear Solid series, in particular, has seen multiple exclusive launches on PlayStation consoles. Other games, like Silent Hill 2, were launched first on a PlayStation console before being ported to other platforms sometime after. While none of the recent rumors have yet to be proven accurate, if there is any truth to them, Sony and Konami could be working closely together once again.


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