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King of Fighters 15 Premieres King Trailer

Author : conemill
Publish Date : 2021-04-02 12:53:45
King of Fighters 15 Premieres King Trailer

SNK has revealed another character for the ever-growing King of Fighters 15 roster, with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Entering the month of April, SNK has been steadily announcing characters every Thursday morning since King of Fighters 15's announcement in January. So far, 11 characters have been announced, with the 12th one teased the day prior with a silhouette of the character's render.

As SNK asked KOF fans to guess which character will be announced, several fans made educated guesses due to the character's posture and their hair length. Some had guessed Ash Crimson, who was the previous series protagonist from KOF '03 to XIII. Others had guessed other fan favorites such as the aptly named whip-slinging soldier, Whip. Another popular choice, which would be the correct answer, was the Muay-Thai expert, King.

Commanding her introduction with her classy rose, graceful kicks, and confident demeanor, King returns to King of Fighters in all her stunning charm.  Fans of the character will notice several additions to her moveset, including a new overhead kick that goes over projectiles and extend her combo potential. The stage featured in this trailer is a recreation of King's stage in Art of Fighting 2, South Town Park, an amusement park with a run-down Halloween aesthetic.

No relation to the title King of Fighters, King made her debut in the original Art of Fighting as a rival to Ryo, working as a bouncer for the series antagonist, Mr. Big. Initially, she hid her identity as a woman in order to be taken seriously in fights, yet after her loss to Ryo, she decides to help him rescue his sister Yuri. She becomes a close family friend to the Sakazaki family following her rescue.

Since then, she has appeared in almost every KOF game to date, starting with '94 as part of the Women's Fighters Team, much like her fellow teammate Yuri Sakazaki. As both characters have also fought for the Art of Fighting team on several occasions, it's currently unknown if Yuri and King are a part of the Woman's Fighting Team as of this time.

Last week, news on a new Melty Blood game surfaced, catching many TYPE-MOON and fighting game fans off-guard. TYPE-MOON, best known in the United States for the mobile game Fate / Stay Night spinoff, Fate / Grand Order, first developed the visual novel, Tsukihime, over two decades ago. Fighting game developer French Bread created a fighting game spin-off based on Tsukihime's story, using its characters and original characters, titled Melty Blood in 2002.

After several arcade releases and follow-up games within the series, Melty Blood Actress Again was the first time the series was officially released in the west. During this time, French Bread had already begun development for its next fighting game, Under Night In-Birth. Using a similar engine to Melty Blood, Under Night In-Birth was more polished than its predecessor, becoming a hit among anime fighters.

First announced in TYPE-MOON's game magazine, Melty Blood: Type Lumina received a gameplay trailer, showing snippets of what fans can expect as the game releases later this year. The game promises intimate interactions between the fighters, with every fight having personal intros varied from each of the fighters. Of the fighters revealed, the protagonist Shiki Tohno, and the heroines, Arcueid Brunestud, Akiha Tohno, and Ciel are featured in the gameplay trailer.


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