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How to upgrade your workbench in Valheim

Author : jj3655031
Publish Date : 2021-02-23 10:33:34
How to upgrade your workbench in Valheim

How do you craft a workbench in Valheim? And how do you upgrade your workbench once you've built it? Valheim's workbench is a vital crafting table you'll need to kick off your journey, be it to throw up a basic shelter or place the capstone on a magnificent longhouse. You'll grow close to your first workbench, returning often to upgrade and repair broken tools, so getting one built early is ideal.

Crafting a workbench is easy too, thank goodness, because you'll always need one nearby, either to craft new items, repair damaged items, or construct a base—workbenches are what allow you to build in the first place, creating a bubble of craftable space in the area surrounding it. Here's how to build and upgrade your first Valheim workbench, everything you can make with one, and a few tips for more advanced builders. 

How to build a Valheim workbench 

To build a workbench you need Wood x10. The easiest way to acquire Wood is by collecting branches on the floor, but I recommend crafting a Stone Axe (Wood x5, Stone x4). While this takes a little longer, you can use this tool to chop down trees much faster. You'll need to build some form of shelter for your workbench, so you may as well stock up on some extra Wood in the process.

You also need to craft a Hammer (Wood x3, Stone x2), which will unlock the workbench recipe. Switch to the Hammer and click Mouse-2 to open the build menu. Select the Crafting tab, then choose the workbench and find some space on the floor to place it.

Shortly after building the workbench you're prompted to create a roof for your crafting station, so this is where your Stone Axe will come in handy. Now is the perfect time to begin building a basic wooden house. Although, if you're in a rush, you can create a tiny shelter exclusively for your workbench. Place a few Wood Walls (Wood x2 each) around the workbench, add a couple of Thatched Roof 45° tiles (Wood x2) directly above the workbench to cover it, and add a Wood Door if you like (Wood x4).

Upgrading your workbench is quite straightforward, all you need to do is place specific items closeby. These are easy to spot as they're marked by a star in your crafting menu. However, you'll have to spend some time exploring to get all the materials you need to make these items. After collecting the necessary materials, you'll unlock the recipes required for each item. 

Here are all the items you need to upgrade your Valheim workbench, how to craft them, and where to find their materials:

    Level 2: Chopping Block (Wood x10, Flint x10) - Recipe unlocked by collecting Flint, found near water.
    Level 3: Tanning Rack (Wood x10, Flint x15, Leather Scraps x20, Deer Hide x5) - Kill a deer, often found in forests and near water.
    Level 4: Adze (Fine Wood x10, Bronze x3) - Collect Fine Wood from Birch trees, and craft Bronze (requires a Forge).




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