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How Many Pokemon Are There of Each Type

Author : mymarkcaler
Publish Date : 2021-04-06 12:34:44
How Many Pokemon Are There of Each Type

Pokemon have types across eighteen different categories. With eight generations of Pokemon games to play and almost 900 pokemon, there's a lot to go through. Each type has some pure Pokemon but all have dual-types that gain an advantage in battle.

As the series continues to grow and new Pokemon forms are announced or new Pokemon are released, fans can expect the numbers for each of these types to grow.

Normal-type Pokemon have some of the most single-typed in all of the franchise. Even with such a large pool, the type’s prominent weakness against fighting-type can make them hard to use as competitive options.

Fire-type Pokemon have been iconic since the Pokemon series went international. Charizard Pokemon cards are coveted and it is one of the most recognizable Pokemon of all time, second only to Pikachu in fame. Fire-type has an advantage over grass, steel, and ice types, but the type’s weakness to water, ground, and rock makes counters extremely prevalent.

Water-type Pokemon make up the most in the National Pokedex. With a starter in each generation of games, like fire and grass, water-type Pokemon are easy to find. Water-type Pokemon also made appearances as game mascots from generations 1-4 with Blastiose for Pokemon Blue, Suicune for Pokemon Crystal, Kyogre for Pokemon Sapphire, and Palkia for Pokemon Pearl and now the gen 4 remake Pokemon Shining Pearl.

Grass-type Pokemon are always one of the three starters available in the series. Bulbasaur is the first grass-type Pokemon introduced in the Pokedex and, like Charmander and Squirtle, becomes one of Ash’s partners in the Pokemon anime.

Rock-type Pokemon have sometimes left a bit to be desired design-wise, but they have also resulted in the top tier designs for Stonjourner and Tyrantrum. Every Pokemon is going to have fans and critics regardless of how their concept is executed, but the rock type’s ability to be either a rock with arms, a T-Rex dragon, or Stonehenge has split some of the love that rock-type Pokemon receive. The type’s weaknesses to water, steel, ground, grass, and fighting make it an easy target in the competitive scene, but moves like Stealth Rock and Stone Edge with a same-type attack bonus help to make this type strong.

Fighting types are often the physical brutes of the Pokemon franchise. Many of them are designed as straight forward martial arts Pokemon. This trend is noticeable with gen 1’s Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, which are reminiscent of boxing and kickboxing respectively, as well as Gen 8’s Urshifu which is known as the Wushu Pokemon.

Psychic Pokemon are abundant and feature in one of the Pokemon anime’s greatest episodes, Abra and the Psychic Showdown. A strong typing in generation one, the psychic type includes powerhouses like Alakazam, Mewtwo, and Mew. The type is weak to ghost, dark, and bug, but dominates with strong special attacks and works well as a counter for fighting-type Pokemon.

Ghost-type Pokemon are one of the two rarest types in the franchise. While there are some notable fan favorites like Gengar and the pseudo-legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, Dragapult, the restless Pokemon spirits do not always get the love they deserve. Ghost-type Pokemon which have an immunity to both fighting and normal type attacks, are one of only two types weak to itself.


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