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Horror Game Maid of Sker Adds FPS Challenge Modes

Author : carbus
Publish Date : 2021-02-25 13:50:27
Horror Game Maid of Sker Adds FPS Challenge Modes

Maid of Sker managed to find a fair amount of traction when it debuted last year, combining its first-person survival horror gameplay with a unique, welsh folklore-inspired setting. The game focused on players navigating enemy-filled environments with no weapons to defend themselves, using a combination of stealth mechanics and sound devices that could stun foes.

It seems the developers behind the game wanted to offer a more liberating experience for those who beat Maid of Sker's campaign, now adding a variety of combat-focused scenarios where they can get payback on their monstrous tormentors. The modes are available for PC players now via a free update on Steam, while Wales Interactive is also currently focused on bringing the new Maid of Sker levels to console players too.

For those wondering how shooting will work in the update, the studio posted a trailer highlighting some of the new FPS segments. The footage showcases players wielding a variety of weapons, ranging from handguns and bolt-action rifles to axes and double-barreled shotguns. It seems they'll have to walk around the Sker hotel fighting various ghouls and monsters that lurked throughout the main campaign, with guns able to bring the fight to these once-unkillable enemies. The update will also seemingly bring in a few new foes to contend with, each coming with their own set of unique attacks and abilities.

It looks to be a fun new way to play Maid of Sker, especially for those who spent the main campaign fearing the horrifying creatures stalking the Sker Hotel's halls. According to Wales Interactive, the new modes are titled The Long Night, Axe of Kindness, Nightmare at the Hotel, and In Darkness, each bringing their own individual take and level of difficulty to Maid of Sker's first-person shooting challenge. There will also be a leaderboard for the experience that will allow players to compete against their friends.

Maid of Sker was one of last year's more prevalent horror releases, managing to remain memorable alongside other hits like Amnesia: Rebirth, Resident Evil 3, Carrion, and Phasmophobia. This year has already had two well-reviewed horror releases in Little Nightmares 2 and The Medium, although there's still plenty more to come. Resident Evil 8: Village will launch in April, while the likes of The Outlast Trials, Scorn, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Atomic Heart, and Martha is Dead are also slated for release this year.

Horror bosses are a different breed when it comes to boss fights. They can change the dynamics of the fight in a heartbeat, deprive players of ammo or valuable items, and still manage to ooze out an extra scare or two for players just trying to stay alive.

Some of the most iconic moments in horror games have been boss fights. There is something about a hulking creature stomping towards the screen that makes neck hairs tingle. Horror game players can never get too comfortable — and the boss fights tend to make a fine point of reiterating that if they've gone too lax.

A cage match in a survival horror game sounds like a far-fetched pipe dream, but Resident Evil 4 never shies away from successfully pulling off wild boss fights. Once on the cult's island, Leon Kennedy has to face off against some pretty gruesome creatures, including the ugly U-3. This experiment gone awry meets Leon in hanging cage obstacle course, forcing the boss fight to be in extremely close quarters. It moves to a nearby cliffside, but U-3 only gets stronger and tougher as time passes.


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