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Hood: Outlaws and Legends - Is There Crossplay

Author : icecellstun
Publish Date : 2021-05-11 08:41:24
Hood: Outlaws and Legends - Is There Crossplay

Hood: Outlaws & Legends has arrived and it brings about a fresh experience on consoles and PC. While the game may take elements of some of the popular team-oriented multiplayer games of the day, it appears to bring something entirely new to the table. While doing this, however, developer Sumo Digital is also bringing in some of the features that have become expected, including cross-play functionality in multiplayer gaming.

The main Heist game mode in Hood: Outlaws & Legends is explained as a PvE and PvP experience in which squads of four tactically attack with a set of character developed skills while another team of four defends with its own skillset and game plan. There is a lot to know about Hood: Outlaws & Legends, and having the best team is very important for success. Being able to play with all platforms would be an ideal scenario via crossplay--and that is what Sumo Digital set off to accomplish.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends does support crossplay at launch between all of the supporting platforms. This means that the matchmaking is a "shared pool" between all consoles and PC to create quick queue times. If players would like to opt-out of cross-platform play, they can do so.

However, fans will want to know that it will not be able to invite players from other platforms at launch while playing Hood: Outlaws & Legends. This means that while it is possible for a PC player to battle with a PS5 player, for example, the two cannot "party up" together in a team (crossplay features of a game like Apex Legends, for example). Sumo Digital will be monitoring cross-platform post-launch and may add this functionality in the future.

Overall, the crossplay functionally for Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a bit of a half-step. Creating a "Hood account" will help with cross-progression save functionality, but the idea of not being able to invite friends and create a squad across all available platforms is something that could disappoint. Crossplay functionality may not feel complete if players are able to duel it out against other platforms but are unable to team up with them.

Developer Sumo Digital appears to have a lot in store for Hood: Outlaws & Legends. Along with the ongoing crossplay features, the game has dedicated servers, custom lobbies, anti-cheat software, cosmetics, year one DLC and battle pass for Hood: Outlaws & Legends, and much more.

May is packed with video game releases, and one of them is Hood: Outlaws and Legends. This game is an interesting blend of familiar elements that really comes into its own: it's a medieval action game with notes of fantasy, plenty of stealth, and multiplayer PvPvE. Ultimately, Hood: Outlaws and Legends intends to offer players an adrenaline-pumping and high-stakes action game about being the ultimate thief. Luckily for anyone interested in developer Sumo Newcastle's concoction, the studio has already announced long-term DLC plans for the game. A whole Year 1 DLC roadmap has been laid out, although some details are murky for now.


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