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Halo Shares Hilarious Face Reveal of Master Chief

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Publish Date : 2021-02-13 07:43:43
Halo Shares Hilarious Face Reveal of Master Chief

Halo's Master Chief is arguably one of the most iconic figures in gaming history, but there are still some long-lasting mysteries surrounding the character. Most notably is the question of what Master Chief's face looks like, as it's never been fully shown in-game. Halo took the opportunity to play upon this lack of knowledge with a thoroughly amusing social media post.

Halo is likely on the mind of many gamers right now, as the next installment, Halo Infinite, is still in development. Initially promised to launch alongside the Xbox Series X, the game's development was extended to provide the team more time to fully polish the game, possibly partially in response to the fan reaction to the Halo Infinite gameplay trailer.

While it remains to be seen if Master Chief's face will be shown in Halo Infinite, fans can catch a glimpse of his - not actually true - identity today. Halo's social media team, playing upon a recent meme, posted an image of Master Chief finally removing his helmet for everyone to see. However, instead of a human face, the image quickly reveals that Master Chief is, in fact, a cat, with some impressive dance moves to boot.

For those who may be puzzled by this seemingly random development, it's based upon a recent popular meme. A Texas lawyer joining a Zoom call struggled to shut off a filter on his camera, resulting in him appearing as a bewildered-looking kitten for the opening of the call. This portion of the call was uploaded to YouTube and quickly took off on the internet, and the tweet directly references it, stating "I'm here live. I'm not a cat." which was uttered by the lawyer while he was attempting to explain his situation.

While the tweet appears to have amused fans of the Halo series and even Xbox itself, which declared the image as the reason why the internet exists, it doesn't bring fans any closer to knowing when Halo Infinite will launch. While shared information and footage is at a bare minimum right now, information has been revealed regarding some shake-ups for equipment, introducing a new Bulldog weapon and the Grappleshot.

More information on Halo Infinite's launch is likely to appear in the near future. E3 is making a comeback in 2021, and other gaming events, like New Game+ Expo, are scheduled to start in the months leading up to it. Of course, Microsoft will likely take the opportunity to show off aspects of the game prior to that on its own social media channels and website, so fans are encouraged to stay tuned.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a reimagining of the iconic series' saga, which combines all the game's entries up to Halo 5 into a single handy package. This collection was released exclusively on the Xbox One in 2015 and, since then, has been ported over to PC.

However, 343 Industries have issued an update that teases that Halo: MCC may be coming out on other platforms sometime in the future, which has obviously sparked the interest of many fans. While nothing can be stated certainly, it's important to keep expectations in check for now.






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