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Halo Infinite Reveals Concept Art for New Brute Bosses

Author : cranefed
Publish Date : 2021-05-11 09:23:53
Halo Infinite Reveals Concept Art for New Brute Bosses

Halo Infinite's journey leading up to launch will be one for the ages, with developer 343 Industries drastically changing its approach to the game back when Halo Infinite got delayed an entire year. Now, 343 is a lot more forthcoming about what work is going into the game. Case in point, the developer has now lifted the veil on some new Brute enemies that players will face off against on Zeta Halo.

Similar to the Banished Elite Jega ‘Rdomnai that 343 Industries showed off back in August of 2020, the two new Brute characters will act as something of a boss fight for Master Chief. Called Hyperius and Tovarus, the two Brutes wear heavy black armor with red accents – the iconic color scheme of the Banished faction that players will fight against in Halo Infinite.

The two Brutes are brothers, though it isn't clear if players will have to tackle them both at once, or if 343 Industries will space them out. However, the blog post does state that the duo isn't a big fan of Spartans, and judging by their imposing stature, players will likely end up with their hands full whether they fight them at the same time or separately. They do boast unique looks, though, which is nice to see emphasized with character concepts.

According to 343 Industries, beefy Brutes will also need a beefy weapon, which seems to be the driving force behind the new Scrap Cannon mounted weapon. The gun will apparently lob hot heaps of metal at the player from long distances, garnering the nickname "gatling mortar" early on in the development cycle. It seems that the gun will be detachable too, which likely means Master Chief will be able to turn it against the enemies he encounters along the way.

Boss fights have been featured in the Halo games before, with some of the most iconic missions in the series being highlighted by tough encounters. However, the concept art released for Halo Infinite thus far seems to indicate that more boss fights could be implemented than players expect. That's a promising idea, though it will depend on how well 343 sticks the landing.

Halo Infinite's release date is inching closer, with the game slated to be Microsoft's big fall Xbox title. It'll be six years since the last mainline entry in the franchise released by the time that Halo Infinite is ready to go, so it's safe to say that this launch will be a hot one.

343 Industries has been plugging away at Halo Infinite behind closed doors for a while now. Between the pseudo-open world single-player and the likely ambitious multiplayer, a lot of work has been going into making Infinite the best it can be. 343’s monthly updates have been keeping fans informed about various aspects of the game’s development, and are likely leading up to a big news release at Microsoft’s E3 conference. However, one of the biggest changes to the whole game may be coming in the form of something that was already shown to players: the grapple shot from the gameplay reveal trailer.


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