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Halo Infinite Releases New Screenshots

Author : ariya
Publish Date : 2021-02-26 13:08:08
Halo Infinite Releases New Screenshots

In its latest Inside Infinite monthly update, developer 343 Industries provided more insight into how the studio is bringing Zeta Halo to life in Halo Infinite. Aside from revealing tidbits on the artistic vision behind the game's world, the team also released a bunch of new 4K screenshots from the PC build of the game.

Since its underwhelming reveal last year, 343 Industries has been tirelessly working on Halo Infinite to make it the best possible Halo experience for its fans. As such, the studio has taken to monthly updates that delve deep into how the game's development is progressing and what fans should look forward to when Halo Infinite launches this fall.

February's Inside Infinite revealed interviews from the game's lead environment artist, gameplay director, and world design lead, each of which sheds light on the studio's vision for the game's premise, the Zeta Halo, which is the last of the 12 Halo rings still intact. To meet the artistic goals of Installation 07 and the foliage surrounding it, the art team focused on two themes, "Legacy" and "Simplicity." To back up their statements, the team also revealed a bunch of new high-quality screenshots which looks like a huge improvement from the game's initial reveal last year.

The above screenshots give a sneak peek of how massive and breathtaking Halo Infinite's world is shaping up to be. Justin Dinges, the game's campaign art lead, also explained how Zeta Halo is a character of its own. Even more so than previous Halo titles, the world of Halo Infinite, as it seems, would be brimming with environmental cues that could make exploration immensely rewarding. Add to that a vast array of new equipment such as the Grappleshot, and the freedom to approach every scenario differently, Halo Infinite seems to be truly embracing the sandbox nature of its forefathers.

As such, Halo Infinite is shaping up to be an ambitious successor to Halo: Combat Evolved. While the initial reveal may have been critical, it seems, 343 Industries has been taking its time to polish the game's various attributes and the screenshots seem to represent just that. While the game still doesn't have a concrete release date as of yet, the dev talks seem to indicate that Halo Infinite is nearing its final stage of development.

However, given how the on-going pandemic has delayed so many AAA games this year, it wouldn't be surprising if Halo Infinite undergoes another delay. Cyberpunk 2077's underwhelming launch is a stark example of how rushed releases could lead to inconsistent and unpolished day one experience, and given how 343 Industries is working to ship a massive title such as this, that too on four different platforms, it's no doubt that the team might just need a little more time.

Halo Infinite will see Master Chief exploring a more open-world map than any previous installment in the series. The game will take place on Installation 07, a Halo ring designed by 343 Industries to blend elements of an open world and traditional Halo maps. The Chief will be facing down the Banished, a faction of separatist former Covenant fighters led by Brutes and first introduced in Halo Wars 2.


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