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Halo Fan Gives Assault Rifle Nerf Gun Amazing Paint Job

- By ethertab
Publish Date : 2021-05-08 10:25:11
Halo Fan Gives Assault Rifle Nerf Gun Amazing Paint Job

Halo fans have long been extremely creative. Part of the reason for this is that the series itself provides a wonderful canvas of creation. Whether it be the story of the franchise, the Master Chief, the enemies, weapons and vehicles, or the Halo ring itself, the lore in the game is a backdrop for imagination. The most recent example of this is a fan creating the iconic Halo Assault Rifle out of a Nerf gun.

The Halo weapons are very iconic. The design of weapons like the Sniper Rifle, Gravity Hammer and Energy Sword, Rocket Launcher, Magnum Pistol, and so on and so forth are memorable and very much recognizable. With that in mind, one fan took a Nerf gun and transformed it into the beloved sleek Assault Rifle from Halo.

Reddit user u/Kasperinoz uploaded an image of their creation on r/Halo earlier today and the post has blown up. Kasperinoz painted a Nerf gun and turned it into the Assault Rifle from the series. The final product looks just like something that would be taken out of the upcoming Halo TV series. The all-black and grey coloring with small touches of green are near-identical to the real in-game weapon. Meanwhile, the painting even includes yellow and red buttons where things like the safety are found.

The community latched on to this Nerf gun and have asked how to make it themselves, as players have even recreated Halo characters in other games, such as Ghost Recon Wildlands. This gun is impressive in that it is a real-life creation. According to its maker, the Nerf gun does not have any performance mods to it. The idea was just to make a neat-looking Halo Assault Rifle, and the plan is to hang it on the wall and keep it there.

Interestingly enough, Halo and Nerf teamed up to create a Halo Infinite gun. The MA40 AR blaster replicates the Assault Rifle from the game, and although Reddit user Kasperinoz doesn't specifically mention it, this appears to be exactly what they painted over. But instead of "toy-ish" greens, oranges, and whites, the new coloring looks very much in line with what players have used for many Halo games, and what Halo Infinite will use as well.

This is not the first time a video game has gotten creative with a Nerf gun. Recently a fan attempted to play a match of Call of Duty: Warzone using a Nerf gun as the controller, which is certainly an interesting idea.

Halo is one of the most revolutionary franchises in gaming history, and shaped the FPS genre forever. It has both shown excellent design with its single-player and multiplayer offerings. It has also shown uncompromising difficulty on its higher difficulties.

Indeed, the Halo franchise has some of the hardest missions in gaming – they aren't just the hardest Halo missions. Some fans have even made these levels harder by playing on Legendary with all Skulls on, which players refer to as a LASO run. If you're looking for an extra challenge before Halo Infinite, or are just wondering what the hardest Halo missions are, think about jumping into some of these levels on Legendary settings.


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