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Halo 3 Getting Back Accessory Customization Options

Author : johnhenry
Publish Date : 2021-03-03 06:54:01
Halo 3 Getting Back Accessory Customization Options

Special back accessory customization is coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Currently the special items are being tested for Halo 3 in The Master Chief Collection Flight mode.

Despite being years old, Halo 3 is still receiving some updates under developer 343 Industries. The classic shooter takes players into a sci-fi world where they can compete in PvE or PvP battles. Now, the 343 Industries is adding new ways to personalize Spartans. Currently it is only in the test Flight version of the game, but will likely come to the full game soon afterwards.

For those wondering, these back accessory items do not change the gameplay of Halo 3. They are merely for players to spruce up their individual Spartan, purely cosmetic. Many of the items remain consistent with what fans may expect a Spartan to wear; pieces like a Demolition or an Ammo Pack as additions to armor portraying what these troopers might bring into battle. Some of the other pieces stand out a bit more, like the Pulaski. This is a classic tool players will recognize as being an axe and adze used in real life to combat forest fires.

One of the most iconic item options is the Sword and Board. This attaches a sword and shield-style piece of equipment to the back of the Spartan. Hardcore fans will know the shield design because it is the Halo Legendary difficulty symbol. Those interested in new content for Halo 3 can also look forward to special maps that are coming to the game. There are two locations coming to the shooter that were part of the scrapped Halo: Online.

As the complete way to experience the series, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has come a long way. Even after all these years, players can still experience fresh content for timeless Halo games. It seems like 343 Industries is making use of the anthology to bring updates to the old games. Typically, shooters as old as Halo 3 would not have a team continuously providing new activities, but this is not the case here.

Some players may be less than enthusiastic about back accessories for Spartans. While this is one more way to make a trooper unique in battle, it does not affect gameplay at all. With Halo Infinite seeing a delay, fans may be wondering why 343 Industries is still working on Halo 3. Nevertheless, new customization options and maps should help revitalize the game more than ever.

Halo 3 first released over thirteen years ago in 2007. The epic first-person shooter was one of the highest anticipated titles of its generation, and both the campaign and multiplayer went on to be beloved by fans. Now, 343 Studios has added new armor to Halo 3, specifically inside of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but fans aren't that happy.

It is hard to quantify the love and appreciation that so many Xbox fans have for the Halo franchise. The games truly helped bring the first-person genre to consoles, and the multiplayer experience that came out of Halo is one that games still look to emulate. The first three Halo games are what truly stand out for many. The Halo 3 community is still active, so adding new content in the form of armor to the game seems like a nice idea. The problem is that the armor doesn't fit the Halo 3 art-style.


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