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Hades Fan Recreates Lil Nas X As God in Games Art Style

- By magnetpoor
Publish Date : 2021-03-30 10:20:00
Hades Fan Recreates Lil Nas X As God in Games Art Style

Of the many impressive titles to release last year, Hades was one that left a strong impact on many. With an addicting gameplay loop, a multitude of memorable characters, and a distinct art style, Hades has a lot going for it. Now, one inventive artist has managed to recreate a popular rapper using the game's style.

One feature of Hades that many have looked to as one of the game's finest achievements is its extensive cast of characters, with thousands of lines of dialogue for each one. In fact, a Hades developer released an infographic that broke down the dialogue and how many voiceover lines were required for each character in the game. Though, one thing that a lot of players have noticed are the character designs, which led to a lot of impressive parodies.

One of the most recent pieces was done by Antonio Demico on Twitter, who managed to recreate rapper Lil Nas X using Hades' art style. Given how similar the piece looks compared to other characters in the game, it looks as though he could easily fit right in with the rest of Hades' NPCs.

Ever since Hades first started to gain popularity, the art style and character designs were something a lot of players immediately took to. The simplistic, yet distinct direction has allowed for a multitude of similar Hades-themed pieces. One of the most popular has been a God of War and Hades crossover featuring Kratos as one of the game's gods.

It's amazing how much traction and popularity Hades has gained since it first launched in October 2020. In some ways, it may have something to do with the fact that Hades was an Early Access game and was able to cultivate a playerbase months before the game officially launched. Plus, by having consistent feedback, it allowed the finished product to be tailor-made to what Early Access players requested.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds in terms of Hades. Compared to Supergiant Games' past projects, Hades has achieved success far beyond games like Bastion, Pyre, and Transistor. The success of Hades could potentially lead to DLC expansions, which admittedly have not been seen from any other Supergiant titles, but given how much more attention Hades has received the demand may be enough to where the development team actively considers it.

Keepsakes can sometimes mean all the difference in Hades, as they provide Zagreus with powerful effects that can either make him stronger or help the player control what boons they get. Each of the Cthonic gods in the Underworld have one, and so do all of the Olympian gods. Even Sisyphus and Cerberus have keepsakes that the player can get, but many players are still missing the keepsake of Hades himself.

In order to get a keepsake from a character, the player needs to gift that character a Nectar. In most cases, the first nectar given to the character will result in them trading their keepsake to the player, but this isn't true for Hades. In his case, there are some steps that need to be completed before Hades players can get their father's keepsake.


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