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GTA 6 Website Updates Add To Vice City & Project Americas Fan Rumors

Author : kacieford413
Publish Date : 2021-04-22 10:32:00
GTA 6 Website Updates Add To Vice City & Project Americas Fan Rumors

Gamers have been searching anywhere for news about the sixth installment in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto series. Although the presumed Grand Theft Auto 6 has not yet even been confirmed by Rockstar, that hasn't stopped leaks and insiders from dropping the occasional breadcrumb about the game's reported development. Now, a few sleuthing fans appear to have discovered an update to one of Rockstars' Grand Theft Auto-related websites that adds further credence to some of those leaks.

Grand Theft Auto remains one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world, despite the fact that it hasn't released a new game in half a decade. The last installment, Grand Theft Auto V, was released in 2013, five years after its predecessor Grand Theft Auto IV. While GTA V hasn't gotten expansion packs like GTA IV, it has remained alive and relevant because of the prominence of GTA Online, which lets players explore the fictional world of San Andreas beyond the confines of the game's story. Even though GTA Online remains one of the most popular games on the world, with a massive following on Twitch, fans of the series have still been waiting for the rumored sixth Grand Theft Auto title.

A recent update to two websites, owned by Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of Grand Theft Auto, adds credence to rumors that the next game is, indeed, in some stage of development. According to Twitter user GTA 6 News (via Dexerto), Take-Two website Rockstarcartel was updated on April 12, 2021. What is notable about this is that this update includes references to Miami, which is widely considered to be the inspiration for the fictional Vice City in the Grand Theft Auto world, which is also rumored to be the setting for GTA 6. In fact, another Twitter user points out that the domain for Rockstarcartel was registered in 2002, the same year that the original Grand Theft Auto: Vice City released.

I was checking Take twos domains and found https://t.co/skYjLUmLT1 it was updated today. This further proves gta 6 is in set in Miami thanks to PA leak.#GTA6 #GTAVI pic.twitter.com/bv60ZVFRah

While this information is certainly not concrete, and the domain name returns a dead link, it hasn't stopped fueling fan theories that Vice City will play a role in the next Grand Theft Auto game. In addition to the rumors that the game would be set in Vice City, leakers have teased that the sixth Grand Theft Auto would feature a "Project Americas" that links all the cities from previous GTA games (Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas) in one game.

Unfortunately, would-be players are still left waiting for any concrete information regarding Grand Theft Auto 6. Rockstar still has not confirmed the game is even in development, despite many rumors suggesting it is. Take-Two, for its part, has been mum on the subject as well, saying that Rockstar will reveal the next Grand Theft Auto game when they are ready. Certainly, fans of the series are ready for something more substantial than the conjecture that has been circulating.


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