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GoldenEye Trademark Filed for Use in Video Game Software

- By malburneaim
Publish Date : 2021-04-14 10:53:57
GoldenEye Trademark Filed for Use in Video Game Software

When putting together a list of the best games on the Nintendo 64, that list will almost always include GoldenEye 007. The iconic first-person shooter brought the mechanics seen from PC games like Doom and Wolfenstein to console gamers, and became an instant classic. GoldenEye is still revered to this day, and while the chunky graphics and sluggish controls might not hold up against modern FPS games, fans would love to see the game remade, and a recent trademark filing is setting off more rumors.

Projects to remake or remaster GoldenEye 007 have popped up from time to time, with one nearly finished and ready to release before Nintendo stepped in and stopped the project. The Xbox 360 remaster updated character models, smoother framerate, and quality of life improvements. This project, and others that have tried to similarly remake the game, fall victim to cease and desist orders either because they are unauthorized fan remakes, or the various stakeholders cannot agree to terms that satisfy all parties.

Despite the hurdles to get GoldenEye remade, a recent trademark filing has fans buzzing that a potential remake could be in the cards. The filing for an entertainment software title using the name 'GOLDENEYE' has been filed by Danjaq LLC, the holder of copyrights and trademarks for the James Bond franchise. What exactly this means is a little more difficult to ascertain, as it could be a case of essentially renewing the trademark given the increased interest in GoldenEye in recent years.

It could also be the first step towards a remake or remaster of GoldenEye 007 going live at some point in the future. Given how much of the GoldenEye remaster on Xbox Live Arcade was shown off, and how close it was to completion, polishing the game up for a current-gen release would certainly please a lot of fans.

This trademark is the first entertainment software filing by Danjaq LLC since Spectre in 2016, which the company picked up and did nothing with, letting the filing expire in 2020. While this could be a similar story of maintaining trademarks fans are hoping that soon they will be able to drop into Severnaya, or take on the villainous Alec Trevelyan at the top of Cradle. If not, fans have a number of James Bond video games they can play instead of GoldenEye. Even though these games might not scratch that itch quite like GoldenEye, they still give fans some suave spy action to enjoy.

Since the early 90s, one of the most popular gaming genres has been the first-person shooter, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Video game enthusiasts continue to spend a great deal of time in online multiplayer arenas, battling it out in the latest Call of Duty, Battlefield, and battle royale games, with those titles standing as some of the most-played across the entire industry.

With decades of first-person shooter games available, it's interesting to take a look at its beginnings and see how the genre has evolved over the years.

Just like there were technically survival-horror games before Resident Evil, first-person shooters technically existed before Wolfenstein 3D. However, id Software's Wolfenstein 3D laid the foundation for decades of first-person shooter games to follow, with aspect of its game design still present in FPS games to this day. Wolfenstein 3D also helped to establish id Software as a powerhouse in the industry, with the studio in turn releasing some equally influential FPS games in the years to come.


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