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Godfall Reveals Free Primal Update

Author : juliamag1
Publish Date : 2021-02-13 12:50:34
Godfall Reveals Free Primal Update

Launching alongside the PlayStation 5 last November, Godfall wasn't exactly the must-have technical showcase Sony was expecting, generating lukewarm reviews from critics and users alike. But it seems the game is looking to win some of its audience back by offering brand new content free of charge, with Counterplay Games recently announcing a substantial new update is coming to the game.

Launching today, the "Primal" update will add several new features to Godfall, including fresh levels focused on powering players up, a new loot modifier and stat window, and updates to the Tower of Trials. The announcement was made through a short trailer, showcasing two of the game's developers detailing each of the game's fresh additions.

The developers in question are Godfall's Creative Director, Keith Lee, and Senior Technical Producer Dick Heyne, with the pair highlighting what's changed now the Primal Update has officially gone live. First up is Ascension levels, which trap the player on a rising elevator filled with spawning enemies. Heyne claims these will be primarily focused around powering up, even offering something for players who have already reached Godfall's level 50 cap. There's also the new Primal loot modifier, which supposedly buffs weapons exponentially.

Next up is a fresh stats screen, which offers a detailed look at the damage and buff percentages applied to weapons and armor. It can be accessed through the inventory screen and, as the trailer shows, looks to be pretty extensive. Xenon will also now become an accessible shopkeeper who will trade resources for loot. Finally, the Tower of Trials has been upgraded, adding in new challenges and "surprise events" which will test players' builds and abilities. Those wanting to jump into some of Godfall's new content can do so by updating their game from today onwards.

As for Godfall itself, the game could be jumping to other consoles later this year considering its console-exclusive deal with Sony ends this May, meaning a potential Xbox Series X launch might be on the horizon. The title hasn't exactly been a hit for the PS5, however, with Counterplay unable to stir up the same hype as other next-generation titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Demon's Souls.

As it stands, it seems the studio is continuing to work on refining the experience into one that's worth picking up when the large quantities of players unable to get their hands on a PS5 can finally dive in. Hopefully, with additions like the Primal update, it can begin to win back some of its lost momentum.

Music is an integral part of every video game, and that holds true for Godfall as well. While playing through that game, players will experience a wide range of different emotional intensities from the music that complement the experience well, and that's all thanks to Ben MacDougall. As composer for the original soundtrack, MacDougall is responsible for all the various pieces in the game, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a few favorites. Game Rant recently had the opportunity to interview MacDougall in order to get some insight about his composition process and his thoughts on the game itself, but one question singled out two tracks in particular that are dear to him.






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