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Gnosia Announces Upcoming Steam Release

- By raysdart
Publish Date : 2021-05-17 10:58:40
Gnosia Announces Upcoming Steam Release

The Nintendo Switch has been a tremendous device, having a plethora of games making their way from the PC over to the portable device. However, it seems that the reverse is happening now, as the time-looping space survival game Gnosia is making its way from the Nintendo Switch to Steam this year.

This is a different way forward than typical, as the Nintendo Switch has often been where games are ported to, but with Gnosia, it appears that it will be the other way around. While no official release date has been set, the game is expected to release in 2021.

Gnosia is a time-looping space survival "werewolf" type of game where players are on a spaceship trying to survive. A "werewolf" type of game is where an enemy is among the innocents. Other characters on the spaceship are beings called Gnosia; humans infected that want to kill everyone else on the ship. Through debates and meetings, the player will learn about the rest of the crew and level up different stats that will assist with figuring out who is infected. With each time loop, the main character will become better at surviving and will be able to see through lies more easily.

Gnosia was released on the Nintendo Switch in March of this year and has been praised by many gamers for the unique survival style. That, coupled along with a unique art style and unsettling soundtrack, leaves players on edge and keeps them guessing who is actually human and who is one of the Gnosia.

The game comes across as a more intense Among Us, as characters have to be put into cold sleep if suspected. The entire crew is suspected, and it's up to the player to put one's trust in those that deserve it. The combination of visual novel and survival play is unique and comes across as a beautiful mixture. Gnosia adds that paranoid feeling that exists in a series of other games while playing to the visual novel fans.

With no release date announced in the trailer or on Steam, it's still up in the air as to when the game will be released. However, it is still expected to come to the PC in 2021. Fans across genres will be excited to check out a new style of visual novel/werewolf time jumping game with space themes. Gnosia is sure to grab people from all walks and pressure them into making important decisions that will impact the well-being of an entire spaceship.

Gnosia is a visual novel that takes the basic tendencies of Among Us and gives it added depth that provides a more fleshed-out experience. Gnosia is about a crew that's stuck in a drifting spaceship deep within the void of space that is experiencing odd occurrences. There's an alien threat called the "Gnosia" that has shape-shifting powers. Players will need to investigate the suspects and decide who the most suspicious among them will be put into a "cold sleep." This is a game that partakes in the mechanics of the social deduction RPG sub-genre and it takes some time to unravel the mystery.


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