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Genshin Impact: Element and Weapon New Added

- By Foosesuzie43
Publish Date : 2021-04-29 12:46:16
Genshin Impact: Element and Weapon New Added

Genshin Impact, the open-world action RPG from Chinese developer miHoYo, is as popular as ever. The developers are continually adding new content to the game, and the upcoming 1.5 update will improve game performance across the board, and with it, Genshin Impact will be on the PS5 very soon. Part of the game's biggest draw is the large roster of playable characters, and since Genshin Impact is a gotcha-style game, players have to roll to get new characters most of the time. It puts a bit of chance into which characters a player can get, but adds to the excitement when players get the one they really want.
All the characters in Genshin Impact come with their own unique personalities, abilities, and play styles. When it comes to combat, each character will be affiliated with a certain element, which will be used in special abilities called Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts. Additionally, every character has a specific weapon they can use. While there are many combinations of elements and weapons already in Genshin Impact, there are still several that have yet to be added to the game.
In the world of Genshin Impact, certain people are bestowed elemental power in the form of Visions. These Visions allow those that wield them to use special abilities based on one of the seven elements in the game. These are Anemo (wind), Cryo (ice), Dendro (plants), Electro (electricity), Geo (earth), Hydro (water), and Pyro (fire). Every playable character has been associated with at least one element, and every playable character can use one out of the five weapons in the game. These weapons are Bows, Catalysts, Claymores, Polearms, and Swords.

So far, there are plenty of combinations of weapons and elements already in the game. Pyro is actually the only element that has been combined with every weapon type in the game. Most other elements have their fair share of characters that use them, leaving only a few combinations left for miHoYo to make. Below is a list of the current combinations in the game, with the characters that use them.

    Anemo: Bow (Venti), Catalyst (Sucrose), Polearm (Xiao), Sword (Jean/Traveler)
    Cryo: Bow (Diona/Ganyu), Claymore (Chongyun), Polearm (Rosaria), Sword (Kaeya/Qiqi)
    Electro: Bow (Fischl), Catalyst (Lisa), Claymore (Beidou/Razor), Sword (Keqing)
    Geo: Catalyst (Ningguang), Claymore (Noelle), Polearm (Zhongli), Sword (Albedo/Traveler)
    Hydro: Bow (Tartaglia), Catalyst (Barbara/Mona), Sword (Xingqui)
    Pyro: Bow (Amber), Catalyst (Klee), Claymore (Diluc/Xinyan), Polearm (Hu Tao/Xiangling), Sword (Bennet)
    Anemo: Claymore

The wind element of Anemo is the starting element for any player who starts up Genshin Impact, as Anemo is the natural element of the Traveler. Now, players just need an Anemo character that can use a claymore. Each Anemo character has some form of crowd-control ability, which isn't surprising considering it is the wind element. While an Anemo and claymore character could definitely provide some great crowd-control, too, players probably want someone that can either deal powerful damage or provide shields to the team. Especially since the Anemo-aligned Jean is already a decent healer.

    Geo: Bow

While players have Geo-aligned character options for most weapons, now they just need one with a bow. With Geo being the element of earth and stone, many Geo-aligned characters are a bit more tanky. Noelle is clearly a tank, and her Breastplate skill provides a generous shield for the players, plus some pretty decent heals. Ningguang's Jade Screen provides a decent barrier against projectiles, too, and Zhongli can provide some much needed DPS. It would be interesting to see a Geo bow character that could be another dedicated healer.

    Cryo: Catalyst

Cryo is one of the elements with the most options for playable characters so far, but players still need to see one that uses a catalyst. There are already two Cryo characters that can heal, with many saying that Qiqi is an S-tier healer. Other Cryo characters can put out pretty decent damage numbers, so it would be interesting to have a Cryo-aligned catalyst user that could function as a tank. Maybe, they could even create magical ice constructs that could be used in unique ways, like Geo constructs.

    Hydro: Polearm and Claymore

Out of all the elements that have playable characters in the game so far, Hydro has the least. Because of this, Genshin Impact players still have yet to see a Hydro polearm user and a Hydro claymore user. There are Hydro healers and damage dealers, so at least one of the additions should fill a tank role.

    Electro: Polearm

When it comes to the Electro element, players just need to see a character that can use a polearm. Many players may also want the option of an Electro-aligned healer, since there has yet to be one.

    Dendro: Any Weapon

Interestingly enough, there are no Dendro-aligned playable characters in Genshin Impact yet. The Dendro element is definitely present in the game, though, as there are several possible elemental interaction with grass, plants, and wood. Currently, there is only one NPC that is revealed to have a Dendro Vision, and that is Baizhu, the owner of Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue. Since there aren't any combinations of weapons with the Dendro element yet, the options are really limitless.

While there is no doubt that miHoYo will add these combinations at some point in time, players will just have to wait for more news. In the meantime, players are enjoying the characters that are currently available, even inspiring cosplays of characters like Mona. The hype around Genshin Impact will likely last for a while.


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