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Fortnite Reveals Impossible Escape LTM

Author : Hattiehuskins556
Publish Date : 2021-05-18 21:45:47
Fortnite Reveals Impossible Escape LTM

Fortnite is announcing the details regarding its latest limited-time mode. The new LTM, called Impossible Escape, is markedly different from Fortnite's previous offerings, tasking players with overcoming the wild in an effort to escape an extremely hostile version of the island.

The popular free-to-play shooter from Epic Games is currently in the last few weeks of its sixth season. The developers have been hard at work churning out content to make the remainder of Season 6 exciting, including the introduction of Wild Weeks, which puts an emphasis on a unique gameplay dynamic each week within Battle Royale. Epic is now further expanding its current offerings with the advent of Impossible Escape.
Impossible Escape puts 16 players on the island, where they will all "awaken" far from each other. These players must then locate a "Choppa," a.k.a. a helicopter, in order to escape the island rampant with predatory animals, guardians, ghosts, and more. Even worse, the official Fortnite blog post says "new threats" will emerge each time the sun goes down. Simply finding a Choppa won't cut it, as the vehicle will require four specific parts to repair it, all of which can be anywhere on the island. Once the parts have been located and installed, the Choppa must be flown to an escape point before its fuel runs out.
There are actually two different versions of the Impossible Escape LTM, a PvE and a PvP. In both versions, players will be given the option to squad up with other players as they find each other on the island, allowing for teams of up to four. However, the rest of the gameplay experience between the two versions is substantially different. In PvE, there are three total Choppas, and the freshly-assembled squads are unable to harm one another. In PvP, the situation is much more dire, shaving down the total Choppa count to just one, while also allowing player to player eliminations. Some fans online speculate this could potentially be Fortnite's open-world mode leaked during the Apple court case, although it appears to be missing some key components.

As seen in the trailer, players will need to squad up and traverse an AI enemy-infested island as they scour for Choppa parts to make their escape. The mode looks like it has the potential to be a lot of fun, and something decidedly different from Fortnite's usual offerings. Players are already drawing comparisons to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Zombies Outbreak mode, particularly with that of the Retrieve objective. The open-world CoD mode also tasks players with carrying objects that render them largely defenseless, guarded by teammates until the object can be deposited in a machine. While Fortnite doesn't utilize its undead like it did with its recent Zombie Weekend, the resemblance to the Call of Duty mode is uncanny.
The new Impossible Escape LTM should be a fresh new challenge for Fortnite players, offering unique action-packed and teamwork-oriented gameplay. Completing a PvE match unlocks the Impossible Odds loading screen, while completing PvP earns players the Escapist Umbrella. However, not all players will be willing to subject themselves to the intense mode, and prefer to not have to rely on strangers for success. Players that prefer doing their own thing should check out the Fortnite Creative Summer Callout Contest, which has fans submitting their best summer-themed Creative games to be featured in a to-be-announced summer event.


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