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Fortnite Announces Creative Summer Callout Contest

Author : antstepzen
Publish Date : 2021-05-12 09:16:11
Fortnite Announces Creative Summer Callout Contest

Fortnite is announcing details regarding its latest competition. While the majority of the game's competitive events are usually centered around Battle Royale, this one is entirely for Fortnite Creative, titled Summer Callout.

Epic Games' popular free-to-play title features three main modes: Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative. Fortnite's Creative mode is a sandbox-style experience where players are able to create structures on a private island using customizable rules for its various multiplayer games available. After an extended content drought, Epic overhauled its Creative Hub last fall, adding new systems for easier accessibility selecting creator maps.

Announced via a video on the official Fortnite YouTube channel, the Creative Summer Callout tasks players with submitting their best ideas for summer-themed games in Creative mode. Those deemed to be a cut above the rest will be incorporated into Fortnite's upcoming, but not yet announced, summer event.

While all game types will be eligible for submission, the event organizers are "really excited" about Team Battles, Role Play, Survival, and Tycoon. In addition to the variety of game genres, The contest is also on the lookout for tropical paradise and beach party-themed Summer Welcome Hubs, so players interested should be sure to submit their best hub layouts as well.

The advent of the Creative Summer Callout comes in tandem with the Fortnite 16.40 update, which substantially affects Creative mode. As alluded to by the patch notes, the new update introduces fully playable Boats, Fishing Zones, and a brand new Surfboard item, which acts as a vehicle. In addition to the summer-themed items, the update adds the Race Manager.

Expanding upon the vehicles and Race Checkpoint device introduced in the 16.20 updates, creators can now track and display completed laps, race times, and player's best times. While not one of the suggested game types, players should be able to create some engaging race experiences with the new tools at their disposal.

The Creative Summer Callout announcement comes directly after the submission end period for Fortnite Creative's previous event, Creative Mayhem. The limited-time event had players submitting their best death run times on a map created specifically for the competition, with top performers playing under prominent Fortnite content creators. Qualifiers are expected to begin next week, where one Creator and their community will go on to represent their region or country in the Creative Mayhem Global Finals for a prize pool of $264,000.

Fortnite players have until June 11 to submit their summer-themed game. The latest Creative event is sure to spawn some truly innovative seasonal games, and it should be exciting to see what comes out of it. However, not all players are into designing games, preferring to invest their time in Battle Royale. The "main" mode's next Wild Weeks theme should be revealed in the coming days, introducing a whole new gameplay dynamic emphasis.

Of all the Fortnite crossovers released thus far, the game’s treatment of the Tomb Raider franchise has been specifically memorable. Alongside the addition of Croft Manor, Fortnite players can acquire four different styles for Lara Croft.

For the reboot and Anniversary versions of Lara, players simply need to progress through the latest Fortnite battle pass. For the classic variant that takes on the guise of the original Lara, complete with a less detailed face, players need to complete 31 epic challenges. Fortunately, the golden Lara Croft style is a bit less time-consuming, though fans will need to finish a few specific tasks to unlock it.


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