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For the King: Lost Civilization Expansion Out Now

- By loriefrankie
Publish Date : 2021-02-11 12:24:04
For the King: Lost Civilization Expansion Out Now

For the King is a fantasy RPG with surprising legs. Originally released in 2018, IronOak Games' impressive tabletop-inspired project has received over 12,000 reviews on Steam with an average Very Positive impression. Considering players' response to it, it's no surprise then that IronOak is building on For the King's success before moving to an entirely new project. IronOak has now confirmed the release of For The King's first Adventure Pack, Lost Civilization.

Lost Civilization can be looked at as a traditional video game expansion or DLC, but Lost Oak is treating it like a For the King boardgame addition, similar to a book in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Buying Lost Civilization will get players two new characters/classes in the Gladiator and Astronomer. New weapons and loot, as well as a battalion of 50 new enemies, have also been added. And, of course, there's also a new explorable jungle to adventure through, too.

Best of all, Lost Civilization is available to download for For the King right now. It's purchasable across several PC storefronts, including Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Windows 10 store. The retail price for the DLC is $5.99, but for the first week of availability, it's being discounted 20% down to $4.79.

Epic Games Store users will recall that For the King was recently offered for free as part of the platform's weekly free games. The timing of that makes a lot more sense now that Lost Civilization has been launched. IronOak's RPG is now in the hands of millions of players, many of whom may have finished the game and are looking for new content. What a coincidence, the Lost Civilization adventure pack is available now just for them.

It’s incredible to see how much video games have been able to evolve as an industry and there have been monumental advancements made in the last generation of gaming alone. New features in games gain popularity, which has allowed different genres to excel and gain larger audiences than ever before. The launch of new intellectual properties this gaming generation has opened a lot of doors and hinted at what’s to come in the future.

Iron Harvest is an ambitious strategy game published by Deep Silver. The title doesn't try to reinvent standard RTS mechanics, but Iron Harvest's true strength is in its atypical setting.

The game is set in an alternate version of a dystopian world that combines historical wartime conflict with mech combat and unconventional steampunk-type weaponry. Iron Harvest is fun to play and packs in a ton of content, but it's the game's unique world and art design that really help it stand out in the strategy genre.

The Total War series has been running for years, but Troy pushes the Total War Saga gameplay even further than its predecessor, Thrones of Britannia. Total War Saga: Troy combines turn-based strategy with real-time combat in an exciting world that offers a lot of freedom in terms of the possible heroes that can be controlled.

Total War Saga: Troy doesn't just feature brutal war, but it incorporates mythical monsters and even the presence of Greek Gods. It's an impressive package that indicates an encouraging future for Total War Saga.






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